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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Aug 23, 2021

As we prepare to adapt to whatever changes may come our way in the future, today Matt and Garrett dive into the topic of a possible foreclosure wave, and what this potential trend might look like in the months and years ahead. They explain that yes, the foreclosure process may be getting started on a number of homes very soon, but there are still ways to avoid this fate by working with your bank and correcting your finances before it gets to this point. Matt and Garrett review the financial circumstances that led to the wave of foreclosures in 2008, and break down how today’s situation is different. They also discuss the importance of educating yourself and being prepared for anything so that you can guide your clients to success either way, and they explore the different ways investors can help people out of a bad situation.

Remember that news headlines in general tend to skew toward the negative side in order to attract more attention, but the foreclosure process is not one that’s written in stone. There are many different ways to steer clear of that path, and it can even create new and creative investment opportunities for those who are open to them. As we learn in today’s episode, when change is on the horizon, you can either hope that it doesn’t come to pass, or you can prepare for it, look for the positive elements that come along with that shift, and find ways to embrace change and use it to your advantage moving forward.

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Episode Highlights

  • Today’s episode looks at what might happen if a foreclosure wave hits in today’s market
  • There are a variety of opinions about foreclosures and home equity
  • Matt and Garrett agree that yes, the foreclosure process will likely be getting started on many homes, but this may not be a problem for the marketplace as a whole due to the current abundance of equity
  • However, individuals who are looking at foreclosure will definitely need to get their finances sorted
  • Foreclosure is not necessarily a process that’s written in stone - once you are notified that the process has begun, you can still take measures to avoid it and protect your credit
  • Different states and banks have different regulations around foreclosure and eviction - you may be able to work out a new arrangement to avoid foreclosure
  • You might be able to sell your home with enough equity so it doesn’t become a short sale
  • Garrett recalls the marketplace of 2006, when people were using their homes as a bank account and purchasing luxury items that they could not pay for - then the marketplace changed and home value dropped by 60% in California
  • People are not maxing out their credit limit today the way they did then
  • It’s still important to educate yourself and be prepared for anything so that you can guide your clients either way
  • Messing up your credit can affect you in a number of ways - you may not even be able to rent
  • There are many different ways investors and banks can work with you to avoid foreclosure (eg., buying your home and renting it back to you so that you don’t have to move)
  • This could actually create new investment strategies
  • If this change is coming, you can look at other opportunities that might come along with it and how you can use these to your advantage
  • With the amount of equity the average homeowner is sitting on, to have your home foreclosed on would be foolish - there are too many options for avoiding this path
  • Selling your home instead of going the foreclosure route can also help add inventory to the market
  • Remember that news headlines are almost always written with a negative spin as this attracts more attention



“What happens when this foreclosure wave hits this marketplace? And Matt, what are we seeing? What are we talking about out there?”

“This is just my initial thought on this - yes, there will be foreclosures that happen or potentially happen. The foreclosure process will certainly be started with a lot of people who have stopped paying their mortgages, whether that's due to financial struggles, or the fact that there was a moratorium on foreclosures, and so people could stop paying their mortgages without penalty.”

“On the other side of that is, because of the rise in the market, there is an abundance of equity, that I personally don't think is going to create a massive problem for the marketplace. For those individuals [who are going through foreclosure], it could be a big problem.”

“You don't have to be foreclosed on. You don't have to have that on your record and have your credit dragged through the mud, because you have the option of selling your house or getting current or working out a new arrangement with your bank.”

“Let me just sell my house because there might be, and most likely is, enough equity, that I could sell it without it becoming a short sale, which is another option that can be accessed to avoid foreclosure.”

“At the time in 2008, when that happened, there were a lot of people that were already at the limit before the decline. Whereas I think there are far less people that are at their limit right now. So if there was a decline, people would be able to get out before the market would plummet 60% or 40%.”

“This is a potential change on the horizon. You can kind of hope it doesn't happen. You can prepare yourself for what if it does happen, but the biggest thing is go get educated.”

“Be open to the things that are not seen in the data.”

“I could see somebody come around saying, Hey, no problem, actually, instead of you having to move out of your home and sell it, I'll buy it from you and rent it back to you. And you can stay in your home. And we'll let you work on getting whatever you need to get fixed up. And then you can buy it back to us at a predetermined price for a fee.”

“That could be a very strong investment strategy, as people are trying to figure out their worlds here coming up. And instead of them personally selling it or having to deal with the bank, I do think there are people that will lean into the relationships they have with people that can help them out.”



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