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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Nov 18, 2021

It’s finally arrived! The pre-listing packet extravaganza episode is here, and Matt and Garrett cannot wait to dive into all your fantastic submissions. Remember that simply having a pre-listing packet already sets you apart from other agents in the field, but our hosts acknowledge that there are certain pros and cons that can either enhance your packet or work against it. First they explain what to avoid in your pre-listing packet, including too many words, using poor quality printing material, being too “agent-centric,” and lacking basic information regarding agency contracts.


Next our hosts break down exactly what goes into the perfect pre-listing packet. They highlight the importance of focusing on the client, clearly defining your value, showcasing your results using visuals and testimonials, and having a high-quality, organized, streamlined look throughout. You’ll also hear about including a letter and resume, a table of contents, and flow charts. And Garrett reminds listeners that every time you attend a listing presentation, you are applying for a job. An effective pre-listing packet allows you to showcase why you’re the best candidate for the position, what your process is, and most importantly, how you can help prospective clients achieve the greatest results.


Thank you so much to everyone who participated and submitted their pre-listing packets for this special episode. For inspiration or feedback on your own pre-listing packet, be sure to join the Ninja Selling Podcast Facebook group where you can also share ideas, ask questions, and connect with other Ninjas. You can leave a voicemail with your direct feedback at 208 MY-NINJA. And visit Ninja Selling Events for more information about upcoming open installations. Or if you’re interested in taking your goals a step further, visit Ninja Coaching to check out all of our amazing coaches.


Episode Highlights

  • Pre-listing packet extravaganza episode is here
  • Special thank-you to everyone who submitted their packets
  • Simply having a pre-listing packet already sets you apart from other agents in the field
  • First Matt and Garrett explain what to avoid in your pre-listing packet, including too many words, using poor quality printing material, being too “agent-centric,” and lacking basic information regarding agency contracts
  • Heavier, better quality paper will make a good impression and transport better in the mail
  • Make sure you’re emphasizing the client’s needs and what you can do for them
  • Be transparent about agency contracts
  • Next they break down what goes into a perfect pre-listing packet, such as including your resume, starting off with a letting outlining who you are and what you’re all about, focusing on the client, using flow charts, having a table of contents or tabs to help clients navigate through the information, being highly organized, defining your value clearly to the client, providing market information and how you’ll help them navigate through it, including something unique to your personality, showcasing your results using Before & After photos, highlighting your marketing plan, having a streamlined look all the way through, and featuring testimonials
  • If people are confused, they will always go to the lowest price
  • Preparation, promotion, and pricing
  • Special shout-out to the submissions that really stood out




“All these people have pre-listing packets. So you already know they're a step ahead… The fact that you have a pre-listing packet already sets you apart from the rest of the field, because there's a lot of agents out there that don't even have that.”


“You’ve got to be so careful about this, especially in today's world - too many words. We're in a world of bullet points right now.”


“I should be able to open the packet up and read the first two lines, get the idea of what I'm about to jump into. But if I have to read a whole paragraph, or a whole page to figure out what we're talking about, or what's going on here, we have lost the client.”


“Keep it graphic as well - pictures and images. A lot of people are visual learners.”


“Here's how I look at it, though… We're applying for a job. We're not only applying for a job, we're applying for a job that the general consensus of the population is that we're overpaid for. So if you're going to present something up front, it better be damn nice.”


“Copy paper will never do that - it will never ever set you apart.”


“There's a fine line there of showing that you're capable and that you can get the job done, and then pushing it too far, where it's like, Look at me.”


“This is about them. They're going through a stressful process, and they want to know how you're going to help them with the processes and things that you have to offer.”


“You are applying for a job, a well-paying job. Every single time you go to a listing presentation, you are applying for a job. And a resume is necessary.”


“There were very few [packets] that said, This is the reason that this packet is sitting in front of you right now. And here's all the stuff that you're going to find in it Here's the letter explaining what this is for you and how this is going to help you go through the process.


“Table of Contents, or tabs, if you're working with binders - super helpful, and they make it easy for people to find what they should be looking for.”


“If it's organized, even if it has less information, I'll probably pull more out of something that is organized.”


“If your pre-listing packet isn't organized, is that sending a message that this process may not be well organized?”


“If you were to drop the pre-listing packet, would you be able to pick it up easily and everything would still be organized? If the answer is no, then we need to combine some things together.”


“If I read the pre-listing packet, I want to know fully what value you bring as a realtor to helping me sell my home. If it's confusing to me, then now I'm going to go for the lowest price.”


“Don't have it mixed up all the way through, because it looks like somebody did Arts and Crafts and stuck something together to make it a packet.”




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