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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Mar 4, 2021

This week, Matt and Garrett return to the issue of the low visible inventory in homes that absolutely everyone seems to be talking about lately. By taking a step back and looking at the mindset that people are bringing to this topic, it becomes readily obvious that so many are coming from the scarcity side rather than that of abundance. In today’s episode, our hosts offer some ideas and strategies to help you flip that mindset and take advantage of the unique opportunities available out there these days.

During their conversation, they delve into some stats that Matt has about the number of deals that are actually taking place these days, and then go on to explain the pond analogy regarding property availability, and emphasize the need to change the current dialogue and mindset. They also look at where and how to find inventory, review the power of affirmations and introduce their affirmation challenges for us all, share a couple of excellent resources, and highlight the importance of having an abundance mindset. As Matt and Garrett make clear, you are going to see exactly what you’re looking for, so it’s time to adjust your mindset, train your sites on the inventory that exists, and make even more of your peoples’ dreams come true.


Episode Highlights:

  •   Jim Kwik’s Limitless
  •   Matt’s stats about deals that are happening
  •   The Pond analogy
  •   Changing the dialogue/mindset
  •   Finding inventory
  •   Matchmaking
  •   The power of affirmations
  •   The opportunity available to you now
  •   Talking to those you are in flow with and other realtors
  •   Matt and Garrett’s affirmation challenges
  •   Pam Grout’s E-Squared
  •   Having an abundance mindset



“If we’re so focused on something, we’re going to miss the opportunity that we could clearly see in front of us if our mindset, if our brain, allowed us to see it.”

“Your mind can drive so many things in the right direction and the wrong direction.”

“Just because inventory is visibly low, doesn’t mean that deals are not happening.”

“That way that we've been doing it for so long is not how the inventory is showing up.”

“It’s just not where you’re looking.”

“This is your opportunity to converse with your database and see if there’s opportunities to matchmake.” 

“When you can all of a sudden get your head wrapped around that there’s inventory there, you see it everywhere.”

“I’m starting to have more dream conversations.”

“This works way better when you’ve been talking to them normally.”

“I’m going to fix this inventory problem all by myself!”

“There’s no time frame on how affirmations work.”

“You’re seeing exactly what you’re looking for.”

“There is an abundance of opportunity all around you no matter what.”



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