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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 14, 2021

Garrett has come up with a wonderful topic this week, and Matt has embraced it fully, and that is the value of slowing down, being with your people more, and actually improving your business as a result. There are so many reasons as to why people become almost hyperactive in their business and speed through everything they do, but, today, our hosts will walk you through precisely how to counter this, becoming more authentic, efficient, and consequently successful along the way.

They begin by looking at some of the reasons people end up in ‘hyperactive mode’, what slowing down really means to them, and the Ninja principle of not getting attached to the outcome. From there, our hosts explore flow frequency, finding balance, being interested and, therefore, interesting, and the key to unlocking referrals. No one is saying to slow down in the sense that you stop doing anything, but what Matt and Garrett highlight instead is the importance of slowing down to really get to know and care about your people. Following their sage recommendations here today will prove mutually beneficial to you and all those with whom you come into contact.

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Episode Highlights

  •   Going into ‘hyperactive mode’ and some reasons behind this
  •   What slowing down really means
  •   Not getting attached to the outcome
  •   Flow frequency
  •   Finding balance
  •   Being interested and interesting
  •   The key to unlocking referrals



Sometimes we get so caught up in the business that we've created, that we're running with, that we can't slow down and do the things that help the business grow to where it got it to.

“We don't want to slow down and don't do anything.”

“Be with your people for longer.”

“Make it bread first, then decide if you want toast.”                         

“Let's really get to know these people. Let's really figure out what's going on, listen to what they have going on in their life.”

“If you are interested in others, and curious about learning more about what's going on in their world, they're naturally going to be interested in you.”

“If I do the systems, the business flourishes. If I focus on the right energy and have the right interest with people, that just makes them move towards me, opens up more opportunities for me to do more business. It's just a natural byproduct.”

“There is nothing like having someone invested in your success.”

“Whatever it is that you own, and that you are making a living around, you have opportunities every single time when you're around people to slow down.”

“But the reason that damn business is so successful over there is because every single person that walks in there they slow down with, and they actually have learned stuff about us and they care about us.”

“I don't care what your business model is, this is a piece that will help your business level up.”



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