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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Sep 28, 2020

Today, Matt and Garrett welcome a very special guest, Stacia Weishaar, for an equally special episode that is a must-listen for real estate agents, lenders, and actually anybody who’s running a business these days. Stacia is an incredible Ninja mortgage coach with a deep understanding of the market whose focus and process, as you will hear today, are at a level that renders her truly a model for others to follow.


Stacia begins by sharing her perspective on what’s happening in the market these days, comparing 2020 with 2006, and reviewing her process for connecting with her database, especially annual reviews. She and our hosts also discuss forming mortgage broker and real estate agent teams, being a go-giver, her chocolate chip cookie analogy, and her non-negotiable personal habits, particularly her affirmations and gratitudes. Stacia goes into detail about her process for ensuring full communication with listing agents on behalf of her buyers, and the importance of her buyer’s presentation. Woven throughout their conversation is Stacia’s emphasis on relationships and connections and having the mindset to help people, as well as golden nuggets of advice for lenders and agents alike. There is no doubt that this is a time of volatility in the market, which makes Stacia’s excellent example and advice more valuable than ever. As Matt and Garrett suggest, this is an episode to not only listen to, but to share with all others who need to hear it as well.


Episode Highlights:


  •   Remember to send in questions for the upcoming Q & A episode
  •   Stacia’s perspective on what’s happening these days
  •   Comparing 2020 to 2006
  •   Stacia’s process for connecting with her database including annual reviews
  •   Forming mortgage broker and real estate agent team relationships
  •   Being a go-giver
  •   Stacia’s chocolate chip cookie analogy
  •   Her non-negotiable person habits
  •   Affirmations and gratitudes
  •   Stacia’s process regarding contacting listing agents
  •   The importance of the Buyer’s Presentation




“It’s just this volatile rollercoaster…especially in the financial markets.”


“The predictors are just really kind of off whack, so to speak.”


“People have great equity positions in the market currently…we’re in a healthy market from my opinion.”


“A lot of people want to get out of their current shelter situation and move out.”


“Lenders right now are busier than they’ve ever been.”


“It’s really about making sure you’re talking to people.”


“It’s about relationships and connections.”


“I like to surround myself with very intelligent people.”


“Your focus is on other people.”


“I am also very, very focused on what I am grateful for.”


“That mindset to help people is really important to me, and, you know what? Helping somebody doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re selling them a house or getting them a loan.”


“I don’t let people write offers if I don’t think we’re going to be able to execute them.”


“I want to make sure that we’re a good fit to work together.”


“Is their job stable in this season of COVID?”


“What an incredibly powerful phone call that sets the stage to have a successful transaction!”


“Make that phone call…help the clients win!”



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