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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 21, 2021

One thing that is coming up in a lot of conversations that Matt and Garrett have been having lately, especially as people are looking at their goals for this upcoming year, is the topic of mindsets. Given that they possess the power to generate great success, or conversely, put up seemingly insurmountable roadblocks, it’s critically important to understand mindset and how to manage it to your advantage.


Our hosts begin by discussing the danger of having a negative mindset, and then take a deep dive in exploring belief systems, mindsets, visualization, and the connection between these three important concepts. They share examples of those who have made great gains through their understanding of this connection, and offer some strategies to help you address the collective truths that may have been holding you back from enjoying the benefits of a growth mindset. Gaining an ability to address and manage the beliefs that you currently hold, and which that little voice at the back of your head expresses, can have an enormous impact on your life in general and make the difference between reaching great heights or staying right where you are. Today’s episode is a powerful one which may very well change not only your business, but your life overall.


Episode Highlights:


  •   The impact of bad mindsets
  •   Knowing your belief system
  •   The little voice at the back of our heads
  •   Collective truth
  •   Dave Pepin’s use of vision boards with his family
  •   The first step in attempting to change your mindset
  •   Limiting beliefs
  •   Beliefs of abundance
  •   Belief systems demonstrated in 2020
  •   Gratitudes and affirmations
  •   Showing up and being present
  •   Tony Robbins
  •   Big goals as inspiring or as an excuse
  •   Addressing limited beliefs
  •   Acting on beliefs
  •   Getting to the belief that ‘This is who I am’
  •   Creating visualization space for yourself
  •   Trying to protect yourself




“Why are you thinking what you’re thinking?”


“It contaminates the systems so they’re not being done 100%.”


“Sometimes it’s really, like, ingrained deep stuff that we have decided that this is the truth.”


“Some of the stuff is just limiting beliefs that have been imposed upon us by our environment, by other people, and so we may not even now they’re there.”


“That’s how we collectively start to build this belief system of how the world works, how we operate, how we act.”


“We’ve got to accept responsibility.”


“Any time you blame something, an external factor that you have no control over, you are now placing a limit on yourself.”


“They didn’t give you limiting beliefs. They gave you their beliefs.”


“If you want to expand your belief system, set big goals and then chunk it down into those little actions that you can do to achieve it.”


“You handle it differently when you start with gratitude.”


“I’m giving my full self to this.”


“Confidence, I think, is one of the core cornerstones of growth…it’s basically your self-belief.”


“Whatever you give energy to, grows.”


“Start visualizing yourself showing luxury property while you’re showing the properties that you show now.”


“You really have more power than you think you do.”


“You’ve been given at birth everything that you need to succeed however you like to define that…it’s what you make of it.”


“Have faith and take action.”



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