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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Nov 30, 2020

As we approach the end of November, ‘Business Planning Month’, it’s time to look at how to put these plans into action for the coming year. Far too often, these plans are created and then relegated to a drawer where they are seldom, if ever, looked at again.  Today, Matt and Garrett are here to show you how to make sure that this valuable document remains an active component of your business, allowing you to enjoy the success you so richly deserve.


They begin by examining the need to consistently review the plan, and offer an insightful road trip analogy which demonstrates the value in making incremental changes as necessary throughout the year. They also offer some ideas on how to ensure your plan remains a priority, including accountability partners and quarterly breakdowns. They finish up by sharing yet another analogy, this time about guided missiles, which neatly sums up the value of keeping your business plan active all through the year, and checking on it regularly so that you can adjust your course when needed to reach your desired destination. Listen in today and plan on making next year a huge success.


Episode Highlights:


  •   Consistently reviewing your business plan
  •   The road trip analogy
  •   Making incremental adjustments to the plan as necessary
  •   Some ways to ensure you prioritize your plan
  •   Accountability partners
  •   Quarterly breakdowns
  •   The guided missile analogy




“You need to go into the year with that really solid plan.”


“This is the journey that we’re going to go on, on this final destination we have twelve months out from now.”


“They get so far off course that they’re not even on the trip anymore.”


“Have somebody that is kind of involved in the journey with you.”


“Use the calendar to your advantage when you’re looking at your business plan.”


“Where am I right now, and where am I going?”


“You’re in control of this whole thing.”


“Be excited and don’t be scared of it.”


“You’re in the driver’s seat.”



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