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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Sep 14, 2020

At times during our lives, and particularly now with all that the world has been through, as well as the current busy-ness arising as we emerge from lockdown, it can become easy for us to lose sight of all the behind the scenes pieces that make our life and ourselves work. Matt and Garrett are beginning to have a lot of conversations about this topic lately, and that has resulted in today’s episode which looks at the need to bring to light the pieces of our lives that we need to be focusing on to be our best, healthiest selves.


They begin by reviewing the need to take care of ourselves, particularly maintaining physical, financial, and personal relationship health. They examine the notion of non-negotiables in our lives and how the changes to routine have impacted them. The ’75 Hard’ initiative is discussed (and you are invited to join Matt in completing it), as is the sense of urgency created by our current circumstances which can keep up from focusing on ourselves. The episode concludes with our hosts’ challenge for listeners to make a list of one non-negotiable to implement for each of the areas of physical, financial, personal relationship, and business health. Ninja Selling is all about the complete package of ensuring a better life overall, and today’s episode provides the information, insight, and advice to both reflect and act upon this key concept, making this is yet another episode that everyone needs to hear.


Episode Highlights:


  • Taking care of yourself behind the scenes
  • The importance of maintaining physical, financial, and personal relationship health
  • Non-negotiable activities
  • How the change to routine has impacted our non-negotiables
  • The 75 Hard and how it curbs excuses
  • The sense of urgency created by current circumstances in the world
  • Focusing on ourselves right now
  • Making a list one non-negotiable for physical health, financial health, personal relationships, and business
  • Joining Matt in completing the Hard 75




“If your heath is on point, it’s going to be a lot easier to get your business on point as well.”


“Ninja Selling…is a much bigger picture than, ‘Let’s just make more money and do more business’…this is a whole package we need everybody focusing on.”


“This is where the non-negotiables can kind of get pushed off the side if we’re not careful about it.”


“You’re rewiring your brain is what’s really going on when you go through this.”


“You need to be disciplined to get through it.”


“This is the time to do the easy stuff consistently to make sure that we’re continuing to grow in the way that we want to grow.”


“We’re always on a journey…There’s always a new, better version of ourselves that we’re building and striving towards.”


“It is a mental challenge…to see if you can strengthen that will power internally.”


“We’re all in this together.”



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