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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 25, 2021

With the speed at which things are moving these days, Matt and Garrett are seeing some agents skipping some crucial steps in ‘The 10 Step Buyer Process’ and experiencing a lot of frustration as a result. Taking a few minutes at the start to ask these clarifying questions of all the decision makers involved is vital to avoiding disappointment further down the road. While they have discussed this process in previous episodes, today Matt and Garrett will look at its increased importance, as well as some creative ways to implement it, in the unique times in which we find ourselves.

They begin with a quick review of the process before delving into the different types of buyers, the need for you to maintain control of the process, and understanding the buyer’s previous experiences with purchasing real estate. Addressing the buyer’s 4 greatest fears, talking to them without engaging FOMO, understanding intrinsic value, and the difference between a financial investment vs. a lifestyle investment are all explored as well. In the end, you need to know your client’s ‘why’ for buying a property, and the small amount of time it takes to do that upfront with the Buyer Process will not only save everyone a lot of time later on, but will also allow you to attain that role of trusted advisor that will enrich the lives of all involved.


Episode Highlights:

  •   The 10 Step Buyer Process
  •   The different types of buyers
  •   Controlling the process
  •   Understanding the buyer’s previous experience with buying real estate
  •   Addressing the 4 greatest buyer fears
  •   Talking to buyers without engaging FOMO
  •   Intrinsic value
  •   Financial investment vs. lifestyle investment
  •   Asking questions to become clear on the buyer’s ‘why’



“It helps you understand if you’re working with a real buyer.”

“It turns people into buyers!”

“At the end of the day, I would like it if you guys get paid.”

“Why is this not always with you?”

“We don’t skip steps here.”

“It allows you to establish who’s in charge of the process.”

“I’ve never seen the fear of paying too much being elevated to where it is right now.”

“We want to give them information, but we don’t want to make their decisions for them with what to do with that information.”

“Exploring options has to be part of this conversation.”

“We need to get creative right now in terms of finding inventory.”

“Paying too much is a moment in time opinion and it’s arbitrary.”

“Those are conversations that must happen with your folks when you’re getting into these scenarios.”

“You have no idea what that house was worth to them.”

“Be careful talking about a primary residence as an investment, because it can come back and get you.”

“Dig deeper on some of these questions.”

“Your job is to just ask questions and learn.”



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