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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 22, 2020

To celebrate surpassing 200,000 downloads (currently over 225,000!) and also to thank their incredible podcast community for this honor, Matt and Garrett have decided to host a Q & A episode where they answer listener questions directly. So many great questions have come in that they have actually had to break this celebration into more than one episode to ensure they can give each question the attention it deserves.


While all of the questions are excellent, if there is a specific one you want to zero in on or return to in the future, you will notice that time stamps have been provided below. These are the issues that are uppermost in the minds of the remarkable Ninja community complete with the corresponding advice of these two Ninja Masters, rendering this yet another episode of The Ninja Selling Podcast that you absolutely cannot afford to miss.


Episode Highlights:


(3:05)  What does that conversation look like, when you’ve followed the process, done

             everything perfectly, but the client isn’t moving forward and you don’t know

             what to do next?


(12:50) How do you get to a higher level/number of deals?


(19:39) Is social media necessary, and if so (or if not), should I consider doing it, and

               can it help my business?


(29:58) What are some things I can do before moving to a new location/marketplace to

                enter that marketplace successfully?




“More often than not, you will find new confusion that wasn’t there before or maybe wasn’t shared with you before.”


“Let’s actually identify if the client is serious.”


“I want to make sure we’re making the best use of your time.”


“This may not be your market…otherwise, we need to be ready to move forward.”


“It all goes back to communication.”


“How can I be in better flow and better flow frequency with these people so I can start to attract one more deal, two more deals, from this current business?”


“How can I create more value for the people here?”


“What’s the problem currently that we’re looking at?”


“I have found that if you get better with your systems, it will allow more opportunity to become more efficient with your clients.”


“It’s not about meeting more people, it’s about bettering the communications you have with the people that are already in your world.”


“I’d look for ways to share your brand. I would look for ways just to bring value to your community, and look at your social media channels as a community.”


“You’ve got to be careful and not be all real estate all the time and not just do the ‘Hey, here’s a new listing, here’s this, here’s that’…share who you are within real estate.”


“Be careful of the trap of social media.”


“If you’re enjoying it and you’re having fun with it, post it and share it.”


“Social media is not going to solve your problems if there are problems in your business. The Ninja Nine is going to take care of your business.”


“Build your foundational knowledge, because if you have that entering a marketplace, it’s going to be a lot easier.”


“There’s nothing wrong with amplifying your flow with your current database where you currently live, and then leveraging those habits into building a database when you move. I think that’s one of the most powerful things.”


“Start a database down there…slowly start collecting your network.”


“Move that energy and that momentum to a new location.”


“Some great questions.”



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