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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Aug 27, 2020

Matt and Garrett are super excited to welcome one of Garrett’s coaching clients, Paul Schnaitter, to the podcast today. Paul is an agent with The Group in Fort Collins, Colorado, and, as Garrett states, is ‘spectacular in every way you can imagine’. Paul’s commitment to the Ninja philosophy, particularly the practice involving gratitudes and affirmations, is truly remarkable, and he is here to share his story with you today.


He begins by explaining how he extended the use of a tracker with which Garrett provided him to generate data on many aspects of his life, and some decisions he made based upon that data, in particular, those involving the correlation between his successful days and his affirmations and gratitudes. He then describes his routine involving these aspects of his practice, who benefits from it, the challenge Garrett set for him that started it all, and the success which one of his colleagues, Andrea Tuell, has enjoyed since following his Ninja recommendation. Paul and our hosts also discuss the notion of ‘non-urgent, high-importance’ activities, the power of an ‘attitude of gratitude’ and being present, Garrettt’s ‘boiling pot of water’ analogy, and the influence our hosts have had upon Paul. They finish their conversation by reviewing Paul’s belief that investing in Ninja Selling is actually an investment in quality of life, a realization which you will undoubtedly come to as well as you listen to his remarkable tale of commitment and success here today.


Episode Highlights:


  • Paul’s use of a tracker for many aspects of his life
  • Making decisions based upon that data
  • The correlation between affirmations and gratitudes and the successful days Paul was having
  • Paul’s affirmations and gratitudes routine and everyone who benefits from it
  • Garrett’s challenge for Paul
  • Matt and Garrett’s influence
  • Andrea Tuell’s remarkable success
  • Non-urgent, high-importance activities
  • The power of an ‘attitude of gratitude’
  • Being present
  • Garrett’s ‘boiling pot of water’ approach to affirmations
  • Ninja Selling as an investment in quality of life




“You are somebody who loves to analyze anything.”


“Health and how that translates into business success is, like, a huge area of study for me.”


“Mindset, as we all know from Ninja, is the foundation that everything is built on.”


“Don’t turn on your electronics, don’t look at that stuff, until you’ve had the opportunity to sit down and do these activities.”


“Setting that foundation for your mindset every single day…there is nothing more powerful than that, in my experience, for my life and for my business.”


“Don’t break the chain.”


“I’ve really started to meditate a lot more.”


“You’ve now turned this into a habit.”


“I feel like I’ve become more of myself.”


“Everything happens for a reason…what an incredible opportunity to shine a light on ourselves…what we do with every moment of everyday makes a difference.”


“You have this perspective of what I like to call ‘life-work harmony’ versus this ‘work-life balance’.”


“The most successful coaching we can do is when we have somebody that is willing to be coached and willing to work with you.”


“It’s all you…when the results come…you should be thanking yourself.”



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