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The Ninja Selling Podcast

May 28, 2020

During times of uncertainty such as we are experiencing now, referrals take on even greater importance as buyers and sellers seek reliability in an agent by turning to those they trust for recommendations. Precisely how to earn these referrals and enjoy the insane success that some agents are experiencing during this pandemic is the topic of today’s episode.


Matt and Garrett begin by looking at the importance of referrals during uncertain times, exploring the different levels of getting referrals, and offering their perspectives on actually asking for them. They also define true value as it relates to real estate advisers, emphasize the merits of maintaining relationships with clients, and offer some examples of best practices in this process. This is a unique time in history which provides an equally unique opportunity to step back, take a look at your business, and determine just how many true referrals you are currently getting. Today’s podcast encourages you to build on that analysis, and use the keys of value and relationship to unlock those referrals and consequently increase your business significantly throughout the second half of this year and beyond.


Episode Highlights:


  • The importance of referrals during times of uncertainty
  • Different levels of getting referrals
  • Asking for referrals
  • Defining true value as a real estate adviser
  • Maintaining relationships with clients




“You need somebody who knows what they’re doing right now and can figure this game out, and that’s where referrals will go through the roof.”


“Providing so much value that it makes people want to run around and talk about you.”


“There is definitely a time and place to be asking for the business, but you don’t necessarily have to ask for referrals.”


“Wait a minute, these people are working less, serving more people, making more money, and they don’t have to ask for referrals?”


“The focus is delivering value first.”


“When you combine those two things in, that’s where the referrals unlock - great value, great service for what you do as a real estate agent, and then this connection with these people.”


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