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The Ninja Selling Podcast

May 18, 2020

Larry Kendall joins Matt and Garrett once again for another very special discussion.  This time Larry is celebrating the recent release of the audiobook version of his ‘Ninja Selling’ book. While classes and Installations have been offered for decades, and the book itself was published in 2017, this just-released audiobook represents even greater accessibility to the Ninja philosophy.  Larry is here to share some nuggets about the story behind it all.

Listen in to hear Larry recount the journey and process he followed to get the original book published and the subsequent process and steps it took to make the audiobook come to be.  Larry shares the many coaches and advisors who helped him accomplish both projects along the way, offers insights into how he translated the energy from the workshops into the book, and emphasizes the importance of following established processes, without deviation, throughout. Today’s episode is all about Larry’s legacy project, his ‘real estate Bible’, and the mindset of perseverance he maintained during his journey to share it with the world.


Episode Highlights:

  • Larry’s journey, process, and mindset when writing his book, ‘Ninja Selling’, and recording the audiobook version
  • The people who guided Larry along this journey
  • Translating the energy from the Ninja workshops into the book
  • The importance of following established processes



 “I actually sat down and started to put words to paper in 2007…and it hit the bookstores in January of 2017, so it took 10 years, basically.”

 “For me, it’s a legacy project.”

“A lot of the sales books that are out there are very combative and they use combat language…Ninja is very soft, and it’s very Zen, and it’s really selling without selling.”

“To have an audiobook where I can move and I can be active, and I can listen - I can actually absorb that information better.”

“It’s a process that, if you follow, you’ll get predictable results, and if you deviate from it, you don’t get those results.”

“If real estate were a religion, this would be the Bible.”


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