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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jul 18, 2022

Today, Matt and Garrett chat about the importance of personality types in the real estate world. They discuss the four main categories and give advice on how you can create conversation with clients based not only on your personality type but theirs as well.

Our hosts begin with a discussion about the importance of understanding personality types. They explain the Power, Peace, Party, and Perfection categories and how people present in these categories behave. They explain why particular categories are top decision makers as opposed to others which are bottom decision makers. Most importantly, they offer solid advice on how you and your team can recognize and work with the different personality types to ensure success in your business.

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Episode Highlights:

  • The importance of understanding personality types of your clients
  • The four personality types
  • Examining the power category
  • How to handle power clients
  • How do people in the party category behave?
  • The peace category
  • What are top and bottom decision makers?
  • The perfection category
  • Working with the four categories


A lot of times it comes down to the personality type that you're talking to and you're working with.”

People will just define someone based on a specific personality type and I think we all have something that we're stronger in than others, but if you placed a dot on a quadrant matrix like that, people will be stronger in one, but that they still have aspects of the other personality types as well.”

Power people are good at delegating stuff.”

There are people who can make decisions outside of a process. This doesn't mean that we should change our process, it means that we need to do the process quickly with these folks as well to get them to a decision point.”

The perfection personality type is one of the most challenging to work with as a real estate agent.”


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