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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 19, 2020

Today, Matt and Garrett welcome a very special guest, one of those Ninjas who just really crushes it year in and year out, Dave Pepin, of United Real Estate in Sioux City, Iowa. Dave has been one of Garrett’s clients for a little over 6 years now, and he is a model of the power of committing fully to the Ninja system. He is truly the ‘poster child’ for the concept of consistency, and he is here today to describe precisely how applying this quality has changed his life.


He begins by sharing his journey to the world of real estate, his business both before and after adopting the Ninja model, and a summary of his business over the past two years. He then discusses exactly how he carries out this business, the systems that have been so successful for him, the importance of his time with his family, and the notion of repurposing funds to align with his work philosophy. Dave concludes today’s episode by offering his valuable advice to all listeners. If ever there was proof that by working the system, the system will work for you, Dave is most definitely it, and his story of enormous success in business and in life which he shares today will undoubtedly inspire you to make sure you consistently do the same.


Episode Highlights:


  •   Dave’s journey to real estate
  •   His business pre- and post- Ninja
  •   Dave’s business from last year until now
  •   His reasons for working on his own
  •   His core sphere of influence
  •   The importance of his time with family
  •   Dave’s systems and how they work
  •   Repurposing funds
  •   Dave’s advice on the one ‘non-negotiable’ for himself and other realtors




“35 deals, $6,000,000 in volume.”


“I didn’t want to be middle ground, I wanted to be a really good agent and be successful, so I took the step of giving a call to that number, and got connected with Garrett.”


“I want it done the way I want it done.”


“The better your relationships get, just more opportunity’s going to keep coming in.”


“You don’t have to do any more, it just grows.”


“It’s mostly referrals.”


“I defend my time with my family, because it is as precious as there is anything in my life.”


“It’s been one of the secrets of your success is just doing the right things and doing them over and over and over again.”


“I just detest phone calls…to me, face to face is where it’s at.”


“This isn’t about business, this is friendship, this is relationship.”


“I’ve been really consistent in making sure that I’m always in front of people.”


“I don’t like receiving emails from any companies, so I don’t do it.”


“Your people love you.”


“It’s a testament to how well Ninja works anywhere.”


“It’s not an incredible hard job as long as those systems stay consistent.”


“Get comfortable with either the phone or with being in front of people in person.”


“I guess I’ve always…tried to treat everybody like, at some point, we’re going to be really good friends, if we aren’t already, and I think that’s…really helped me in the years I’ve been doing this.”


“People always have changes happening in their life. They’re going to need to move for one reason or another, and as long as I’m in touch with them, and they know me, like me, and trust me, they’re going to give me a call.”


“The results that you get are because of the care and concern you have for the people that you’re working with.



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