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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Nov 25, 2021

As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with our loved ones, Matt and Garrett take a moment to reflect on gratitude and what it means to have a grateful state of mind. They begin with the physical impact that gratitude can have on your brain and body, and how it biologically changes your energy to help attract more of what you want in this world. They talk about Dr. Joe Dispenza’s stance on gratitude as the ultimate state of receivership, and offer their thoughts on how to find gratitude throughout the day.


Garrett reminds us that if we cannot be grateful for what we have now, then we will always feel unfulfilled even after we’ve crossed the next threshold. Matt explains why gratitude does not create complacency (in fact, it does the opposite), and breaks down gratitude as an exercise in being mindful and present, which your clients will undoubtedly respond to. You’ll also hear about the power of starting off each day by giving thanks, sharing gratitude as a team-building exercise, redirecting your thoughts to the positive, and why noticing even the smallest things that you’re grateful for can add up and truly change your life for the better.


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Episode Highlights

  • The power of gratitude and having a grateful state of mind
  • Choosing to be grateful has a physical impact on your brain and body; it changes your energy
  • “Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership” - Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Being ungrateful can prevent you from seeing ample opportunities all around you
  • Optimism is not necessarily the same thing as gratitude
  • Starting every day with gratitude will change your life
  • Pause once or twice a day to ask yourself what you are grateful for, and dig deep into those elements
  • Gratitude is a low urgency, but high importance activity 
  • Alarms or Post-It reminders can help encourage you to consciously think about gratitude
  • This does not create complacency
  • If you cannot find gratitude in your current state, then you will still feel unfulfilled even after you get that new car or promotion 
  • Gratitude is an exercise in being mindful and present, which clients will respond to
  • Start morning meetings with something everyone is grateful for
  • Ted Lasso is an amazing example of a grateful human being
  • It’s normal for your mind to wander when you sit down to do your gratitudes, but you can take control of this and redirect your thoughts
  • Express gratitude with your feelings - truly feel your gratitude when you express it
  • Noticing even the smallest things you’re grateful for adds up and will change your mindset to actively look for the positives in your life



“If just expressing gratitude is not enough, know that by expressing gratitude, it changes your energy in a way that helps you attract more of the things that you want in your world.”


“We watch agents that are struggling in their business or just business owners struggling and sometimes it's just because they're in an ungrateful state of mind.”


“Starting every day with gratitude -  if you start there, and then compound that to expressing gratitude throughout your day, for all the things that are in your world, your life will change for sure.”


“A lot of people say, But if I'm just grateful for everything, doesn't that exercise complacency? And it doesn't. It actually does the absolute opposite.”


“The problem is if you're not in a state of gratitude to begin with, you cross those thresholds and you go, Oh, well, it'll be better when I'm making $1,000,005.”


“It's almost like you look for ways to cancel your gratitude.”


“The money is not going to turn you into somebody that's grateful for the surroundings.”


“Just close your eyes and stop for a second and pause - push the pause button and stop and just think about the things that you're grateful for in your life.”


Feel that gratitude when you express it. That's what's going to change your energy is through the feeling, not just through saying it.”


“When you really get into a state of gratitude, you start looking for things that you're grateful for. You will actually go through your day going, That's something I'm grateful for.





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