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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Aug 20, 2020

Today’s episode is all about the power of one – one coach and one path. All too often, eager young agents, or more experienced but ‘stuck’ agents, feel they need more mentors or more coaches to help them improve their business. Matt and Garrett are here today to demonstrate the dangers of having more than one coach and trying to follow more than one path, not just when building your business, but in so many aspects of your life.


While they fully acknowledge that having different coaches for different roles can prove highly beneficial, our hosts demonstrate why you must limit yourself to one coach per role, and to follow one path fully and completely. They look at the value of gathering information, but also warn about how to use this information, and the importance of finding the right coach for you who aligns with your core values. They also recommend tracking what you’re doing with the system you choose, and share some valuable advice for owners, brokers and managers in the real estate business. Too many coaches and too many paths can lead to confusion and inaction in too many cases - take today’s advice from these two experts, and reap the rewards of implementing the ‘power of one’.


Episode Highlights:


  • The problems with having multiple coaches for the same role
  • Gathering information and how you use it
  • Having different coaches for different roles
  • Finding the right coach for you
  • Tracking what you’re doing
  • Advice for owners/brokers/managers




“You’ve got to pick a path.”


“It’s like combining two diets.”


“You’re looking for somebody who aligns with what you know and what you want to do.”


“If you can hire somebody to do something that also helps kind of coach you and educate you, that’s probably going to be a winning solution.”


“If you don’t fully take a path…you can actually damage yourself, you can damage the business, you can damage the growth.”


“Stop following the people that, you know, aren’t fully in line with your core values.”


“You can save some money and accelerate your business.”


“To have the camaraderie and the unity where everybody in that offices can come and speak the same language and build together and grow together is so incredibly powerful, but, again, pick a path, not multiple paths.”



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