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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Feb 19, 2024

Today, the pivotal role that trust plays in shaping personal and professional relationships takes center stage as Matt and Garrett dive deeply into this all too often overlooked quality.  They articulate that trust extends far beyond mere familiarity or likability, encompassing essential attributes such as reliability, integrity, and authenticity. From business dealings to social interactions and even recreational pursuits like racing, trust emerges as the cornerstone of cohesive relationships, guiding decisions and fostering camaraderie among individuals.

Throughout the episode, Matt and Garrett underscore that trust is not something easily acquired but rather earned over time through consistent actions and genuine interactions. They stress the importance of authenticity and consistency in nurturing trust, asserting that these qualities are indispensable in both professional and personal contexts. Moreover, the hosts highlight how trust influences decision-making processes, particularly within industries like real estate, where credibility and reliability are paramount. Join Matt and Garrett on this illuminating expedition, where valuable insights and personal anecdotes converge to illuminate the enormous impact of trust in both our personal and professional lives.

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Episode Highlights:

  • The fundamental nature of trust in personal and professional connections

  • Building trust through genuine and consistent efforts over time

  • Trustworthiness as a combination of reliability, integrity, authenticity, and surpassing mere familiarity or likability

  • The crucial roles authenticity and consistency play n trust-building across various contexts

  • The significant amount of sway that trust holds over decision-making

  • The importance of authentic and consistent presence to cultivate trust

  • Trust-building beyond personal interactions to encompass community engagement and societal impact



"Trust is earned. Trust is something that you grow over time."

"Trust will override knowledge and even potentially performance."

"Be more of who you are. Be authentic."

"If you perform well in the business, you can have hundreds of trustworthy relationships."

"The people that look at you and say, “I trust that person,” that is not something that just falls out of thin air."

"And trust is one of those things you can't buy, you can't fabricate or manufacture. It's not about how many postcards you send."

"You all know inherently how to build trust because you trust people in your own life."



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