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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Feb 22, 2024

Ready yourself for an eye-opening journey with Matt and Garrett through the world of communication and personal growth, as, today, they compare it to the adventure of getting kids to eat their veggies. With colorful stories and clever tips, they break down the fear many agents have about making phone calls, share practical ways to conquer it, and, mixing humor with smarts, show how building confidence in communication really is like patiently coaxing children to try new vegetables.

As the conversation continues, our hosts dive deeper into communication tricks, busting myths about sales calls and stressing the importance of real connections. Sticking with the veggies analogy, they stress the need for honesty and empathy in every interaction, and, by flipping challenges into chances to grow and embracing the awkward moments as opportunities, they map out a path to building meaningful relationships and finding success. Tune in today, and learn more about the power of phone calls, get tips to ace those conversations, and witness the ways in which embracing change can transform everything.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Insights into the psychology of communication and resistance towards making phone calls

  • Practical strategies for overcoming discomfort and building confidence in phone conversations

  • The parallels between the process of introducing vegetables to children and cultivating effective communication habits

  • Sales calls as opportunities for genuine connection and relationship-building

  • Embracing discomfort and viewing challenges as opportunities for growth

  • Identifying and prioritizing "easy" phone calls to build momentum and confidence

  • Practical tips for navigating conversations with authenticity and empathy



"It's like when you have a child and you're teaching them how to eat their veggies."

"We might have grown up in a time that the phone wasn't a useful tool... But now it is an incredibly useful tool."

"You don't have to eat those vegetables raw... We're going to make this thing taste good. And we do that by asking questions."

"I want to see it from a different angle."

"Supplement forms of not replace the core vegetables in your business diet of making phone calls."

"Ninja is like the anti-salesperson system. It's like, how do we be a salesperson without acting like a salesperson, ever?"

"Too many people I watch dig their heels in and they're just like, “That system doesn't work for me.”"



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