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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Apr 23, 2020

While, naturally, there are some good things happening out there these days in real estate, it’s also true that some people are struggling as they find themselves in the many new situations arising from the pandemic. One glaring example of this can be found in the act of contacting clients during these uncertain times without being ‘called out’ for insincerity or appearing ‘salesy’. Today’s episode looks at this important issue and, as always, offers quality advice for listeners which can be implemented immediately.

Proper intent, growing solid and comfortable relationships, asking quality questions, and using this unique time wisely are all discussed in this crucial episode since, together, they will render your contact with clients genuine and show that you truly want to know how they are feeling during this unprecedented event and beyond. Garrett and Matt also offer some advice around the most appropriate words to use when contacting your clients so that your good intentions are clear from the very start, and so that their responses will help you understand more fully how you can help. Far from feeling discouraged about contacting your clients during this stressful time, you need to be using this time to sincerely demonstrate just how much you think and care about them. People want to talk these days – be there to listen.

 Episode Highlights:

  • Contacting clients these days with the proper intent
  • Leaning into the relationship side of your business
  • Asking quality questions that appeal to each person’s prevalent learning style
  • Using this time wisely


 “We need to forget that we’re in real estate, and we need to remember that we’re in the relationship business.”

 “Embrace what this time is right now…lean into the relationship side more than you’ve ever leaned into it.”

 “Focus on the people and the transactions will take care of themselves.”


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“It’s important to acknowledge what the relationship is.”