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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 18, 2021

If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us, it’s that a lot can be accomplished virtually through the use of technology such as Zoom. The issue that Matt and Garrett address today is that too much virtual connection will negatively impact the relationship basis of any Ninja business, so they try to determine that fine line between virtual and in-person. As you will hear, it’s not an easy question to solve, but the conversation around it certainly offers a great deal of valuable perspectives, information, and food for thought.

They begin by discussing this notion of trying to find the sweet spot between virtual and in-person connections, an example of going too far on the virtual side, and emphasizing the core value of relationships within any successful business. They spend much of the episode trying to determine which activities are best suited for virtual and which in-person ones must be maintained. Technology has introduced many different ways to do business these days, but the rock solid foundation of relationships must remain intact if we are to enjoy success both professionally and personally – join the debate here today with Matt and Garrett, and see if you are able to find that sweet spot between the two that works best for you.


Episode Highlights:

  •   Finding the sweet spot with connecting virtually
  •   Matt’s example of business being too virtual
  •   The relationship side of the business
  •   This window of opportunity
  •   Maintaining those personal relationship areas where Ninja shines
  •   Ted Bash’s Christmas event
  •   Personality matters
  •   Celebrating with your people
  •   Determining what can’t be done virtually
  •   Showing up



“The real estate industry, particularly the sales part…has always been behind everybody else when it comes to technology.”

“There’s no way I’m going to hire a landscaper who’s never seen our property.”

“If it goes too far in one direction, it could bite people.”

“If we remove ourselves from that part of the process…you’re basically removing services from what you do for people.”

“Is just getting to ‘Sold’ or getting to a contract with a buyer, is that all we’re trying to do?”

“We’ve got the incredible relationships with people and if we automate it too far, if we’re not involved with the process, well, the relationship all of a sudden can suffer there.”

“Intention matters, systems matter, people matter, and process matters.”

“Don’t eliminate all opportunities to be with your people.”

“The response coming out the backside of it was incredible.”

“Ted had the best year he ever had!”

“You can’t take it too virtual.”

“There are still elements you need to be there with them for in a real life situation.”

“The minute the clients think you’ve checked out and you’re gone, they’re like, ‘Oh, they don’t live here anymore’.”

“Be very, very, very aware.”



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