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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Nov 22, 2021

Today’s episode is all about waking up early, what it means to you, and how it can help you become even more productive in your business. While starting your day off earlier than usual can take some getting used to, Matt and Garrett explain how you can gradually work your way up to a more disciplined morning routine and manage your evenings to better prepare for early wakeup times. Once you have made this shift, you’ll be amazed at how much more work you can get done when you’re free of distractions.


Our hosts talk about giving yourself something you want to wake up for in the morning, changing your belief system around getting up early, analyzing your day to find out when you are most productive, and resetting your mind and body to a positive energy before going to bed each night. If you need a boost throughout the day, Matt and Garrett have some great suggestions for you, including working out, going for a walk, enjoying an invigorating podcast, squeezing in a nap, or even blaring punk rock music. Of course, tea and coffee can come in handy as well!


When all else fails, try to remember who is counting on you to perform at your very best each day. This may help motivate you to prioritize an extra 30 to 60 minutes of personal development time in the morning, which sets you up to feel more energetic, inspired, and efficient for the rest of the day. As you’ll hear, this can have an incredible impact on other areas of your life, and create healthy habits that will serve you well both personally and professionally.


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Episode Highlights

  • What does it mean to wake up early, and how can it help you be successful in your business?
  • Waking up early will depend on each person and when you want your day to start
  • It can help you get work done free of distractions and ease into your routine
  • Matt and Garrett don’t necessarily believe in the blanket statement that successful people wake up early, but they may have so much on the go that they are excited to wake up in the morning and get started
  • The key to waking up early is managing your evenings - this is something you’ll need to gradually build toward
  • Try not to look at it as waking up early, but as waking up on time in order to get everything done that you want to accomplish
  • You need to find what time works for you and when you feel most productive (e.g., Garrett’s wife, Sarah, is most productive after the house goes quiet at night)
  • This may change over time
  • Building discipline around your sleep routine will enhance many other areas of your life
  • Waking up early is not easy, and it will take some getting used to - try to incorporate activities that you look forward to, like morning affirmations or working out
  • You can also try programming your brain to believe that you’re going to get as much sleep as you need in order to feel wonderful and productive
  • When you go to bed late, people tend to tell themselves, “I’m going to be exhausted tomorrow,” then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • A short nap can be helpful (especially if you have a newborn like Matt!)
  • Giving yourself an extra 30 minutes each morning for personal development adds up over time
  • Give yourself something you want to wake for - this creates a habit
  • Journaling can also help you stay on track
  • If you’re having trouble feeling motivated, think about who is counting on you to perform at your very best every day



“If I go past 6:30am, I'm laying there in bed with my eyes wide open going, Why am I still in bed?


“I do think that if you want to fit more things in, it can certainly help to wake up earlier than you currently are.”


“It would be great if I could sit down and do that between 7 and 8am, but I have all these things in my life. It's like, well, do we need to wake up earlier to get those things done?”


“The key to waking up early is managing your evenings.”


“If I'm still stressfully answering emails or doing work at 10 o'clock, that's going to impact the wakeup time. So you do need to manage the evenings.”


“Building discipline around your sleep routine and your wakeup routine can also enhance so many other areas of your life.”


“I'm a huge proponent of having that space where you can get your body and mind right every morning.”


“The days that I do [wake up early], I run better than the days that I don't.”


“You can program your brain to say, Look, I've only got three hours here - my body's going to get exactly as much sleep as it needs so that I feel amazing when I wake up. Programming your brain like that is an amazing tool.”


“I want you to optimize your life the way that you want to have it.”


“You need to plan an environment where you have something you want to wake up for.”


“The interesting thing is, because of the habit of waking up twice a week for the podcast, I have now trained my brain that I wake up at five o'clock in the morning whether I like it or not.”


“This is not about waking up early and jumping into email. This is about waking up early and maximizing the time for yourself that is going to make you more productive with the rest of your day.”




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