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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 15, 2020

Well, it’s finally happened – Zillow has decided to open their own brokerage and have started hiring agents. What Matt and Garrett want you to know is that this is a time to be excited (not freak out), and to view this development as encouragement to shake off any complacency, to take a good look at your business, and to make doubly sure that all your systems are up and running and firing on all cylinders.


They begin by emphasizing the fact that if you are confident in your business, systems, and relationships, you have nothing to fear from big companies or anyone else starting up their own brokerages. They also stress that you need to ensure that you and all in your sphere understand your value and why you do the things you do, and to know your audience and market to them accordingly. Getting creative with your business and keeping up your Ninja systems are cited as keys to ensuring that you have nothing to fear from new brokerages being formed, and that sticking with Matt, Garrett, and the Ninja system will go a long way to ensuring that you control your successful future in the real estate business.


Episode Highlights:


  •   Being confident in your business, systems, and relationships
  •   Big companies starting their own brokerages
  •   Ensuring that you, your clients, and those around you understand your value and why you do all you do
  •   Know your audience and ensure your marketing resonates with them
  •   Getting creative with your business
  •   Keeping up your Ninja systems




“It doesn’t matter what big companies do for you if you’re confident in your business and your systems and your relationships.”


“If you’re not paying attention to how you’re doing your business, if you’re not innovating, then, yes, companies and programs and automation will come in there and replace you because it can.”


“I think it’s exciting. I think it’s actually really cool.”


“The only reason this stuff should scare you, is if your clients don’t see any value in what you offer.”


“You’re only going to focus on the why’s that actually mean something to that person that’s sitting in front of you right now.”


“I think that this is a wonderful time to get creative with your business.”


“Zillow…found a marketplace and they’re going to be with us…but it’s not your people.”


“People in those upper price ranges, even more so, want a trusted adviser and a professional that’s holding their hand through the process and watching out for dangers.”


“It doesn’t mean the end of the game.”


“If you want to have a job in the next 5 years as a realtor, that’s totally on you.”


“Making sure that you’re sharing your value consistently and at a very high level with your people so they understand and they feel the value.”



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