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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Mar 23, 2023

When Agents Sell Their Own Homes - The Bonelli Files

If you’ve ever wanted to pick Matt apart - and, honestly, who hasn’t at one point or another - today is your lucky day as Matt's experience selling his primary home while working from home with two children and two dogs, goes under the microscope. As you will hear, despite the challenges, Matt was able to make the sale happen by following the Ninja Selling process, which includes using all the available tools and knowledge. This leads our hosts to discuss the importance of involving all decision makers in the process and emphasize the need to work as a team to ensure that everyone is on the same page. By using tools like Focus First and creating a task list to get the house ready for sale, homeowners can avoid creating turmoil and damaging their working relationships.

Matt and Garrett’s conversation revolves around three main themes: the importance of pre-listing inspections, the value of professional photography, and finding the right real estate agent. They emphasize the need to take care of all major repairs before the house goes on the market to avoid any issues that could deter potential buyers. Additionally, investing in high-quality photography can set a home apart from others on the market and help it sell quickly and at a great price. Finally, finding the right real estate agent can make all the difference in getting the best deal possible. In this very special episode, listeners are cordially invited to come for the public grilling of Matt and his home selling actions, and stay for the invaluable and practical tips for homeowners looking to sell their homes.

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Episode Highlights:

  • The challenges of finding a new home

  • Deciding whether to list the house while still living in it

  • Following the Ninja Selling process

  • The difficulties of selling a personal residence while being an expert in the field

  • Having the right mindset throughout the process

  • The impact of emotions on the decision-making process

  • The importance of involving all decision makers in the process

  • Using tools like Focus First

  • Creating a task list to get the house ready for sale

  • Some challenges of buying new construction

  • Pre-listing inspections, professional photography, and finding the right real estate agent

  • Making a home look like a show home

  • Pricing a house in a changing real estate market

  • The importance of being patient in a slower market



"It's funny when you're not only a home seller, but you're also a coach and an expert in this field and these internal voices that start to kind of come in at different times."

"It's really about following a process and not cutting corners, and really just allowing things to happen."

"As much as we think we can separate our emotions from the decision-making process, there's no way to separate it."

"Having somebody there who can guide you through the process, who has your best interests in mind, who can take that emotion out of the equation, is invaluable."

"It's really about having the right mindset and just keeping yourself focused on the end goal."

"I had to keep reminding myself, listen, I control the process. I get to control some of the decisions, but all the owners also control the decisions."

"We came up with a list, and we used the Reminders App on Apple to share a task list of all the things that we needed to do."

"The photos that people take are really their first impression of that house when they get to see it online."

"I think that's really where an agent can make a huge difference, is finding those people that are the right fit."

"When you're pricing a property, if you price it down to wholesale, guess what? You pick up wholesale purchasers."

"The decision-making process involved in selling a property requires careful consideration of the needs of the client, the state of the market, and the potential benefits and drawbacks of various negotiating tactics."



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