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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Mar 16, 2023

When Your Client Is Both a Buyer and a Seller

In today’s episode, Matt and Garrett tackle another excellent question from the Facebook group, this time regarding the common dilemma of handling clients who are both buyers and sellers at the same time. In delving into this topic, they discuss the order of proceedings and whether to have one big meeting or two separate ones, highlighting the importance of keeping the two platforms separate. Our hosts recommend avoiding shuffling the deck as it can cause confusion, but they also mention that there are exceptions to these rules and that realtors should remain flexible. A question on this topic in the Facebook group elicited a lot of interest from other listeners, and our hosts are here to offer some valuable insights for any realtor struggling with this issue.

Along the way, Matt and Garrett discuss the challenges and strategies involved in buying and selling a property, particularly when buyers are dependent on the sale of their current home to fund the purchase of a new one. They stress the importance of having a clear vision and plan in place, effective communication with clients, and managing expectations in a high demand market. They go on to suggest breaking the process into two pieces and setting clear expectations, as well as having energy drinks and hydration on hand to keep everyone going. In the end, today’s episode highlights that the value of the Ninja Buyer Process in informing the selling process cannot be overstated, and that a clear understanding of client motivations will help to build stronger relationships  and, ultimately, lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.

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Episode Highlights:

  • The question that was posed in the Facebook group

  • Keeping the buyer and seller platforms separate, and some exceptions to this rule

  • Shuffling the deck and the consequences of doing so

  • Tips for realtors who are struggling with this issue

  • The need for flexibility when dealing with clients who are both buyers and sellers

  • Some of Matt and Garrett’s own stories and personal experiences in this area

  • The challenges present when the buyers are dependent on the sale of their home

  • Having a clear vision and plan in place, and how to effectively communicate and remind clients of their vision throughout the selling process

  • The Ninja Buyer Process

  • Managing client expectations in a high-demand market

  • Breaking the process into two pieces and setting clear expectations

  • Helping clients understand the playing field so that they can make informed decisions

  • Active listening and asking the right questions

  • The importance of understanding the client's motivations

  • Digging deeper to uncover important information



"How do you handle those questions? What order do you put them in? Do you do them all at the same time? Do you mix that meeting into one big meeting?"

"Everybody wanted to hear about this topic because it's just a common thing. People are like, well, do I start with the seller process? Do I start with the buyer process?"

"And I think it's where a lot of people say, like, ‘I've got these people, they want to sell. They need to sell. It's a listing that I have coming up. But they need to be able to buy something.’"

"There's no rule to it. It's just a guideline to make sure you're not completely lost in the process."

"The key to success here is to keep these platforms separate and keep that communication flow going back and forth."

"If you can explain the process to them and the why behind the process, they're going to feel much more comfortable going through this journey with you."

"When you have that clear vision, as you're going through the selling process, you get to start reminding them of this place that they're going to...what this life is going to look like."

"If the client is not clear on what the playing field is for buying a house, they're not going to understand what they need to do to get the house sold and then make the double move."

"Use your prior knowledge. You can acknowledge it, and then ask the question. Even if it looks like the same question, because you'll get different information."

"That question might not be for you, it's for them, and don't skip it."

"The more you can dig in, the more information you can gather, the better you can serve your people and help them get to where they want to go."

"It matters who says it. We need to get some information to come out of their mouth."



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