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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jun 14, 2021

Over the course of the pandemic, a lot of businesses have shifted their marketing strategies and dropped print marketing altogether. But the three most common elements that have allowed agents to continue thriving during this time are phone calls, postcards, and real estate reviews. Today Matt and Garrett explain why now is the perfect time to return to your postcard mailings, or fine tune the ones you’re already sending for optimal success. Postcards are almost a guarantee to reach your targeted audience, as everyone opens their mail. Mailers can also be used in conjunction with digital marketing - whereas social media posts alone can get lost in the algorithm. 

Our hosts talk about putting in the work to create interesting content for your postcards, using them to showcase your personality and creativity, and if that is not in your wheelhouse, hiring someone to help bring your unique voice to life or using templates as a creative reference. Matt and Garrett offer suggestions to include testimonials in your postcards, play with humor, and most importantly, start getting them out the door right away.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Coaching sessions all over the country help Matt and Garrett zero in on certain trends
  • A lot of businesses changed their marketing platforms during the pandemic, and stopped sending print marketing and postcards
  • Today looks at turning mailings back on or fine tuning your approach as you get to it again
  • Three common elements that allowed agents to thrive during the pandemic have been phone calls, postcards, and real estate reviews
  • Postcards have dried up really fast, but they are still key to your marketing success
  • A lot of companies are now focusing on digital marketing, so sending something physically in the mail will help you stand out - people will pay more attention
  • It’s almost a guarantee of a high connection rate as everyone opens their mail
  • Postcard mailing campaigns are the one constant that always produce big buzz and word of mouth behind the scenes
  • But you need to use mailers in conjunction with other types of advertising and autoflow (e.g., social media, phone calls)
  • Postcards are guaranteed to reach your targeted audience, whereas videos and stories on social media can get lost in the algorithm
  • Mailers can be become the foundation for all your other content, including digital micro-content (15 seconds or less)
  • Put the work into it to create enticing content, both digitally and on your postcards
  • Testimonials can be a great feature to include on postcards, and a simple yet effective way to create content
  • You can also hire creative help if needed, which leaves more time to connect with clients or enhance your work/life balance
  • Just make sure to factor in this cost as you set your budget and monitor cash flow
  • Being creative is not in everybody’s wheelhouse, and that’s okay - that’s what templates and other creative resources are for
  • But postcards are an excellent opportunity to show your creativity, personality, and sense of humor if that does appeal to you
  • Understand your strengths and don’t hesitate to hire someone who can help bring your unique voice to mailer content
  • Most importantly, get your mailers out the door right away - you can fine tune and get better with time



“[Postcards are] really the only thing that can come close to guaranteeing a 100% open rate because everybody checks their mail.”

“This is a long-term play. Mailings are designed to create not only an awareness of who you are in these people's minds, but also to develop long-term delivery of value to these folks so that when they are ready to do something, or when they're in conversations with others about real estate, your name comes up.”

“Put in the work and you'll start seeing results right away.”

“It's always come back to this mailing campaign that's been out there and kind of bubbling behind the scenes, exponential results just keeps growing on itself.”

“I'm not saying social media doesn't work. I actually think it's an amazing platform. If done right, it hits a void that's out there of connecting with people.”

“When it comes to digital content, the cool thing about mailers is that they can become the foundation for all your other content, because micro-content, digitally, is what's taking over now. It's like content that can be consumed in 15 seconds or less.”

“Even if you like doing postcards, Garrett, and you're a creative person, it takes a lot less time to spend in your creative zone, doing two postcards a month, than it does trying to do a social media post every single day.”

“If you have that creative juice, let your personality come out through these postcards, too.”

“A postcard is a place that if you want to, you can have a lot of personality come out of it, you can have a lot of really great energy come out of it. And I think you can play with it a little bit. I think you can also play with…the humorous side, too.”

“That's why I just want to encourage everybody - if you're not getting into the mailers, if you have been hesitating on getting back to your mailers, either way, start getting them out there.”

“I also want to encourage everybody to understand what your strengths are… Just because somebody else was able to do it, doesn't mean that you're less because it's not in your wheelhouse. That's when you need to bring somebody in to take care of that for you, and don't feel bad about bringing in an expert.”



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