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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jan 31, 2022

Today, Matt and Garrett welcome the remarkable Dan Smith to the podcast. Dan is not only a highly successful real estate agent, he is also a manager of an office at Dickson Realty in Reno Sparks, runs Dickson University, their in-house training center, is a father of four, and serves his community as a Bishop. Despite these many commitments, Dan has been able to fulfill his commitment to eliminate weekends from his real estate work, and he shares the details of how exactly he has managed to achieve this with listeners here today. You're going to want to get a pen and notepad for this episode!

Dan begins by sharing how he started his career in real estate, the current level of his business, and how it has been going up every year. He goes on to detail his thought process of running the business independently, the limitations he had before he found a partner, how his 'why' has helped him to structure his schedule, and the concept of releasing control. He talks about giving people he trains the freedom to be themselves and not duplicate him, and highlights the vital operational elements that allow you to have freedom on weekends and build a system that works. Dan finishes up by describing the offer FAQ sheet they have designed, how they use the Marco Polo app, and by advising agents to look out for partners that match their core values. Filled with wisdom as well as practical suggestions, this is yet another Ninja Selling episode you simply cannot afford to miss.

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Episode Highlights: 

  •       How not to work on weekends 
  •       Overview of Dan Smith's business and volume of his transactions
  •       His thought process and limitations working on his own
  •       The geographical area of his work
  •       The concept of release control
  •       The importance of the buyer interview
  •       The reason for team roles in the buyer interview
  •       When to show homes
  •       How to build a system that works
  •       The offer FAQ sheet
  •       How agents should write better offers
  •       How to create a pre-listing packet


"Last year, my goal was to do 42 transactions, 18 million, and that's what we hit. It's been going up each year, and I've loved that level of production, and we're going to continue to ramp it up."

"I live a very full and abundant life. I hate being called busy... I do not portray myself as busy, but I live a full life."

"For me, it wasn't about just cutting time out that I didn't want to work. It was creating time for all the things that actually matter the most to me."

"I've learned most people don't have that overall guiding principle. And if you don't have the overall guiding principle, you've got nothing guiding you. You're just kind of floating around out there taking things as they can."

"I woke up one day at three in the morning with a panic attack because I could not handle everything that was on my plate. I had to write to the company owners that I was dropping the ball on all these areas, and I just had a wake-up moment. And that's when we really started diving into how we were going to get some support."

"I own the experience that I give my clients. To try to have somebody else be a huge part of that equation did not compute with me if they went and showed property with somebody else on a Saturday so that I could be somewhere with my family. It felt like I was just outsourcing."

"You have to craft the experience so well that you're not hiring people to be you. You're finding people that have your same values and vision that play the roles in your experience."

"I've crafted here the key things that you need to say and the key things that our clients experience. Other than that, they have full autonomy to be themselves. I don't hire robots. I hire people with the same values."

"Once you empower them to make their own decisions, they know the key things that need to happen. They get to take that and use it with their own clients that we're building a business and an experience that anyone who works with the Dan Smith team gets to take that exact experience and go use it on their own clients too because it's shareable."

"Our FAQ sheet was not designed to protect my weekends. It was designed because we were tired of getting bid out of offers." 

"I can train somebody to be a host or to be a waiter, but I can't train how they're going to treat my people and how they're going to feel after the experience. So I can train anybody to do what I do, but I can't train how to treat people. And so I find people who treat people nicely, and then I train them."

"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. People will see that kind of a commitment and attract more business."

"If you don't know what you really want, you're just going to spend your time doing what you think other people want."


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