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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Dec 17, 2020

These days, as Matt and Garrett are watching everyone working on, and hopefully wrapping up, their business plans, they have an important message about auto-flow. All too often, they are noticing that there is too much art and not enough science in it, which is a huge concern when attempting to build a business based upon referrals. Today, they explore this topic in depth with their trademark wisdom, humor, and valuable advice.


First, they demonstrate the difference between showcasing your value and simply being ‘top of mind’, and then move on to discussing the importance of building a business around referrals. Offering a number of examples of using science or even a combination of art and science, they clarify the difference between the two approaches and highlight the possibility of using science to remain consistently ‘top of mind’. They finish up by reviewing the value of data campaigns done properly, the danger of only using art, and Matt’s postcard campaign test, which he is about to undertake. If you want to take your business to the next level, and by tuning into this podcast it’s obvious that you do, Matt and Garrett are here to help you achieve precisely that and avoid the perils of ‘lazy auto-flow’.


Episode Highlights:


  •   The difference between showcasing what you do and being ‘top of mind’
  •   Building a business around referrals and the benefits is offers
  •   Art vs. Science
  •   Some examples of using science and combining art and science
  •   Becoming consistently ‘top of mind’ by using science
  •   Some examples of data campaigns
  •   Matt’s postcard campaign test
  •   The danger of only using art




“Because the mailers that she sends were science-related - there was a good amount of science and value - that person called.”


“This is when we’re talking about going to that next level.”


“It also creates an exponential curve in your growth.”


“It’s a real big safety net you’re building for yourself.”


“Science is anything that directly correlates with the value that you have around your business.”


“I think there’s a whole line of postcards you could create about just being a great homeowner.”


“Every single time they see their house, you are now top of mind because of the science that you shared with them.”


“I want to see better auto-flow out there.”


“You’re going to sharpen your skill set with this.”


“There’s so many opportunities to make connections with this, too, when it’s science related.”


“Take a little bit more time with this and it will change your business.”


“We’re happy to support you any way that we possibly can.”



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