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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 24, 2022

Welcome to our 400th episode, and thank you, as always, for joining us! As part of the celebration of this incredible milestone, Matt shares some exciting news about recording a few podcast episodes during the upcoming Ninja Installation in Charleston, November 7-11. These episodes will be with a live audience on Tuesday, November 8, at 6 PM, at the Princeton Mortgage offices, and this live podcast event is free - all are invited. To RSVP and be part of the live podcast recordings, all you have to do is go to:

On the heels of that exciting announcement, Matt and Garrett move on to today’s topic all about the age-old notion of the parade of buyers that comes through a house once it is put on the market, looking for something new, fresh and different. Our hosts spend the episode talking about this parade – with tips on how to prepare for it, how to attract it, and how to ensure you don’t let it pass you by.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Prepare for the parade

  • Get show ready to attract the parade

  • Create a vibe around the property

  • Communication is vital

  • Look for healthy instead of normal

  • Tune up your negotiation skills


Being show ready is more than even just the staging and everything. It’s how you introduce this property to attract the parade.”

There’s the parade of people physically coming through. But there’s the online parade as well.”

Am I creating a vibe about this property that, if I don’t act on it, it could be gone tomorrow?”

Why are your buyers pushing the pause button?”

Once you hit and the parade of buyers is going through, collect the feedback.”

If you listen to your seller, if you listen to the party that you’re representing… educate them and also listen to them at the same time.”

Instead of looking for normal, look for healthy.”

A good negotiator can be the difference maker in getting a property under contract.”


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