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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 31, 2022

To start off this Halloween episode, Matt and Garrett spend a little time reminding listeners about all of the various platforms available to Ninjas. Whether you are a long time listener, or brand new to the show, rest assured, Ninja has you covered!

They then move onto today’s topic which is another great one because it addresses something that comes along every November. What is it? The November Challenge, of course! This is the time of year to get your new year started off right. Get pumped today as Garrett and Matt give you tips for growing your warm list and tell you how to build your pipeline for 2023. And they want to hear from you as well, so make sure you let them know the results of your own November Challenge.

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Episode Highlights:

  • What is the November Challenge

  • Pick up the phone

  • Why November

  • Does it always have to be November

  • Do not talk about real estate

  • Build your warm list

  • No dialing for dollars


This is an incredible opportunity for all of you out there to step up your game, look at your database, figure out who your important people are, and get on the phone.”

I had a gentleman a couple years ago and he said, ‘You know, I do that November Challenge with you guys all the time. And I always get this great run of business afterwards’.”

Does it only work in November? It has nothing to do with November… So I can do that in June… You can do it every two months if you want to.”

The power is picking up the phone and making a phone call.”

November’s kind of an interesting place because you’re done with summer. Summer’s done. You’re settled. And now you have this great opportunity to be like, ‘How was your summer?’”

You need to reach out and connect with people. And really important, Matt, you cannot talk about real estate.”

You’re gonna learn one of two things: you’re gonna find out that that’s a person that maybe I should have been in better flow with because it was a great phone call… or that you can take them off your database and you can move along.”

This November is the time to grow this incredibly awesome list. And it’s like a roadmap for the next four months.”

People never stop having babies. They never stop losing jobs. They never stop getting married, they never stop getting divorced. These things just keep on rolling.”

Let’s be that spark. Pick up the phone, call, have a great conversation. It’ll make your month really awesome because then you’re gonna start seeing the pipeline built.”


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