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The Ninja Selling Podcast

May 31, 2021

Around this time of year, Matt and Garrett typically start to notice agents getting distracted by shiny objects, and letting their Ninja Systems slide. Today they’re here to set us back on track, and warn against neglecting our foundational activities, such as making F.O.R.D. calls, building relationships, and writing notes. The Ninja Systems offer safety and security in every market, and if they begin to feel tedious, it’s important to remember the big picture of how they will help you reach your long-term goals, both for yourself and most importantly, for your clients. Matt reminds us that mastering the mundane is what differentiates those who are good from those who are exceptional. Today’s episode will show you how to reinvigorate your Ninja Systems, and once again find the fun and joy in building your business. 

Our hosts explain why relationships are the foundation for your success, how they allow you to weather any storm and thrive in any market, and the importance of maintaining those connections consistently. Garrett shares the powerful analogy of casting plenty of lines in the water and catching a lot of fish, but if you are not tending to the relationships that brought you there in the first place, you will quickly run out of bait. Building stronger relationships in a busy market, not diminishing your flow by contacting too many people, and focusing on your core group are also discussed. 

While it may be tempting to simply ride the market wave and let your systems fall by the wayside, the next crash could come at any time. As Larry Kendall says, Ninjas are the ones who learn to dance in the rain. Prioritizing your flow with clients and staying committed to your foundational activities are the key to predictable success, no matter what storms may lie ahead.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Looking at Ninja Systems, and how it works in every market
  • This is the time of year people start looking at shiny objects and let their systems slide
  • How long is this wave going to last? Do we need to prepare for an impending crash?
  • Garrett has been using Ninja Systems for 19 years and has yet to find a marketplace it does not work in
  • Ninja Systems offers safety and security in your business and this is not the time to get distracted from it
  • Warn against neglecting your foundational activities, such as F.O.R.D. calls, building relationships, and writing notes
  • Agents get bored and wander from attracting business
  • Need to remember the big picture of why these systems are effective and how they will help you reach your long-term goals, both for yourself and your family, and also for your clients
  • Mastering the mundane
  • Ninjas are the ones that learn to dance in the rain and thrive in any marketplace
  • Maintaining relationships consistently is what will allow you to succeed, even in challenging markets (example of agents whose businesses actually took off in 2008)
  • You can also focus on building even stronger relationships
  • Example of Paul Schneider scaling back the size of his database so that he could connect with clients every 30 days - he made the group smaller with better communication, but this is when referrals and opportunities started pouring in
  • You can diminish flow by trying to be in contact with too many people
  • Matt’s observation that successful agents and entrepreneurs usually have a smaller group of close personal relationships, as having countless people in your Sphere of Influence can be exhausting and unsustainable
  • Focus on Ninja Nine and your systems
  • It’s not always easy, but it is simple



“Let’s not get too far away from the Ninja Systems.”

“I have yet to find a marketplace that it doesn’t work in.”

“I’ve seen it happen so many times that I just want people to know that if you want some safety and security in your business, this is something you need to be taking seriously right now. This is not a time to waver from it. This is not a time to get distracted.”

“It’s easy to get distracted from doing the foundational activities. It’s easy to say,
Maybe I should look at something else. I just want to make sure I’m protected in case this doesn’t continue to work or whatever it is. The truth is that it always will work.”

“Where I see a lot of people fall off is on the attracting business side, they start to let their relationships go.”

“It turns into a machine at some point for some people. And I think that that's where they all of a sudden just start to deviate.”

“You need to map it all out so that you have a really clear picture. Because otherwise, when you do get bored with the system, if you don't have that to fall back on, you will be off to the next shiny object so fast.”

“When you master the mundane, that's the difference between somebody who's good, and somebody who's exceptional. And so that's what you’ve got to learn to do.”

“Ninjas are the ones that learn to dance in the rain.”

“If you have good relationships, you're going to have people supporting you, and helping you get through that time, particularly if you maintain those relationships at a very, very good level.”

I've got a lot of lines in the water. I'm catching a lot of fish. But I'm not going to dig up more worms, so I can continue fishing… I think that that's where a lot of people get lost in this type of marketplace is that, we’ve got lines in the water, we've got fish in the boat, we've got more fish coming. But we're running out of bait. So you need to go back and tend to that.”

“The ones that have not figured out how to make this marketplace work are not sitting back with a very awesome database that they have been in amazing flow with going, Yep, still not working. That doesn't exist. If they have an awesome database, and they are connected with them, and they're in flow with them. There's business. There's business falling out of the woodwork.”

“That's the wonderful opportunity in a thriving market, not just to close more deals, but to build better relationships and stronger relationships for the long term.”

“The one thing you don't want to optimize are the things that don't scale, which is your personal relationships. It doesn't mean you need to go and have 250 more personal relationships, just keep the ones that are closest to you really strong.”

“When you talk about relationships, you can actually diminish the return by trying to be in flow with too many people.”

“You really don't need a whole lot of people, you just need to be in good flow with them.”

“We find the really great things are where the business is just a byproduct of the great relationships that you're focusing on.”

“You can't precisely measure the ROI of an individual in your database...because everyone's going to be different, every person is different, every piece of real estate is different. And so don't stress yourself out on measuring the ROI so much, because that's when you start to get distracted. And I think that's why some people will pull away and say, Well, that doesn't work in this market.”

“No matter the market you're in, no matter what market you think you're going into, no matter what product you sell, or what product you want to sell, focus on those activities and the relationships you want to build and maintain. And you're going to see some success.”



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