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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Feb 11, 2021

It will come as no surprise that Matt and Garrett are discussing the importance of relationships – the heart of Ninja Selling – once again in today’s episode. However, their focus this time is on a situation which has been uniquely magnified by the pandemic, and which concerns those people in your database who may have been, and continue to be, pushed to the side. This simply doesn’t have to happen, no matter what the circumstances, and today, you’ll learn how to address this situation head on.

Stressing the overall importance of relationships, our hosts look at how to use your ‘Hour of Power’ correctly, how to break down and audit your database, and how to recognize this time as one of massive opportunity for establishing those coveted long term relationships. They look specifically at how to help condo owners in the current market, the need to lean into the relational base right now, and to develop a plan to have personal interactions with all people in your database. They conclude by reinforcing the need to be genuine with touch points and by revealing the beauty of exploring peoples’ dreams - which are so prevalent in this moment – together with them. You know that the secret to Ninja success is based firmly in the relationships you build. Don’t let them slip away due to these unusual times, strengthen them instead with the ideas and strategies offered in this critical episode today.


Episode Highlights:

  •   Using the ‘Hour of Power’ correctly
  •   Breaking down and auditing your database
  •   The massive opportunity that is open to establish long term relationships
  •   Helping condo owners in this market
  •   Leaning into the relational base right now
  •   Developing a plan to have personal interactions with people in your database
  •   Being genuine with touch points
  •   The beauty of exploring people’s dreams with them
  •   Matt’s example of a dream becoming reality



“The ‘Hour of Power’ is not about highest potential, it’s not about who’s going to give you the best results here, for the most part.”

“The more simple it is for me, the more likely I am to be able to stay in the flow with people that I need to stay in flow with.”

“You can give them some value…around something that they’re experiencing pain with.”

“I just want to thank you for being in my world.”

“Right now…you do need to get a little bit more creative so those people don’t fall out of your world.”

“There is no one way to do this…ultimately it comes down to an awareness of your relationships.”

“Planning and action is starting to take effect.”

“They’re not going to forget that moment, which is then how you really establish that long term relationship.”

“It’s also where a lot of referrals come from.”

“People have been dreaming a lot.”

“Don’t neglect your people out there, don’t look at them just transactional-based, look at them as people and relationships…listening for the pain and pleasure in people’s lives.”

“These are the opportunities, right now, that sit in front of all of you.”



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