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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Dec 20, 2021

Today Matt and Garrett talk about what you need to consider when planning events. They advise you to analyze the goal of the events and tailor your plan accordingly. They encourage breaking down the plan and paying attention to the people you're going to invite, how to invite them, whether you should call, mail, text, video, or email, the photography at the event, follow-up after the event, and other aspects. In addition, they share stories from life experiences about event planning. What stands out of the discussion today is that the small and frequent events are more intimate and valuable in attracting and connecting with clients and referrals from a business point of view.

Garrett kicks off today's discussion by observing how people today don't look forward to events because they take a lot of work to execute well. Matt then connects this tendency to today's trend where people are scaling down the size of events but increasing their frequency. They highlight how not everybody's comfortable being in massive groups of people and how their decision on whether or not to attend an event is dependent on who else is invited. Matt and Garrett encourage simple, small, but frequent events as these are intimate, easy to organize and repeat from one quarter to another. They spell out that you can make it as simple as scheduling quarterly wine tasting at the wine bar down the street, going bowling, or ax throwing. The hosts finish up by discussing why you need to break down your events planning and emphasize the essence of making an invite phone call and RSVP.

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Episode Highlights:

  •   The perks of small, simple, and frequent events
  •   The baggage with a big event
  •   Event planning trends
  •   Planning out your live flow versus only your auto flow
  •   Deciding who to invite
  •   Keeping events simple – even as simple as quarterly wine tasting
  •   Inviting different groups
  •   The core smaller group
  •   Deciding how to invite
  •   Why you ought to invite by phone call
  •   Don't forget the RSVP. It's as vital.



"You definitely want to do the wine party the day before you do the tequila party."

"I want to have these smaller groups. I want to make it more intimate. I want to be able to spend more time with these people. That is what people want right now."


"When I say event, I don't necessarily mean there's going to be some grand invitation and catering things, but like taking a group of people ax-throwing four times a year or going to do bowling a couple of times a year."

"We talk about events, and I look at the society that we're in right now. There's a wine bar right down the street. If I was selling real estate locally in town right now, I would take advantage of that. Wine tastings are going on all the time.”

"Some people think the larger databases are better. And we've found more often than not that it's actually a big database is great, but it's the core smaller group that we get to spend more time with that's typically what's gonna make or break a business."

"When you have that smaller group, you get that chance to ask the deeper questions."

"What we need to keep in mind right now is coming out of this time that we've been in the last two years, there's a lot of power in the smaller events instead of just one big bash."

"Maybe you should think about inviting one person in the household of one of your clients instead of the entire household to get them a little jealous."

"One event can turn into several touches, which means multiple events turn into a lot of touches. And your flow is handled for the year pretty much."

"Don't miss the opportunity to make the invite phone call.”

"This is sales 101 here, folks. If you call, you're more likely to make the sale.”

"Frequency of interaction by picking up the phone is where you're going to unlock referrals. These small events, again, allow you to unlock the phone."



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