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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 17, 2022

In today’s episode, Matt and Garrett are joined by Randall O’Dowd, an agent with Desert Sotheby’s of Palm Springs, CA, to discuss a topic that many people either run from like it’s a grenade or participate in - but with the wrong mindset. Garrett started coaching Randall in 2012, and he is very  excited to have him as today’s guest to discuss the topic of open houses.

Randall has embraced Ninja wholeheartedly, basing pretty much 100% of his business around the Ninja System because its tenets resonate with him and his beliefs about real estate agents as trusted advisors instead of generic salespeople. One of the things Randall also embraces—and thrives at—is open houses. Listen in as Matt and Garrett find out why Randall is so committed to open houses, how he leverages them to grow his business and contact list, and his top tricks and tips for making open houses a key part of your own marketing and growth. This is an episode that may just revolutionize your business - one that you absolutely cannot afford to miss.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Mindset

  • What’s broken in your approach?

  • Stand out

  • Ask for the business

  • Build your brand

  • Walk away with more than leads

  • Start working for them immediately by providing value
  • Showcase your recent ‘solds’


I do open houses. I’m really good at open houses.”

So on open house morning, I have breakfast with my wife, and I say, ‘I’m so excited. Today, I’m going to get three or four new clients. I have the affirmation and the expectation that things are going to go well, that I’m going to have fun’.”

Look, this is a specific day of the week when, for three or four hours, ready, willing, and able sellers and buyers are coming to talk to me about real estate. Like, when else does that happen? I would do it every day if I could.”

It starts with that mindset that you said, Randall, I think, which is so important… Of course, you are doing it to showcase the home. But it’s also like the seller is gifting you this opportunity to use their property as a storefront to showcase your talents and expertise.”

We’re in this for the long haul. We’re sowing seeds and we’re building this brand and that’s important.”

It’s a job interview. I want to show up and represent that property. I’ve got the full-color brochure, I’m engaging everybody who comes in and out. I’m answering questions, I’m engaging. And those sellers are watching that.”

If they’re represented, hands off! I’m not going to spend energy on them.”

I do something that I’ve never seen anybody else do. I’m super-faithful with direct mail. I do a lot of postcard mailings. I do ‘Just Listed’ and ‘Just Sold’ postcards. And whenever I do ‘Just Sold’ postcards, I always get extra copies to keep. And when I go to an open house, the first thing I do is clear the dining room table of everything, and I set out 30 ‘Just Sold’ postcards…”

I want people to take away the professionalism that goes into every aspect of how you host an open house—from how you set the signs, when you set the signs… to the collateral that’s there at the house, to how you engage with people.”


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