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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Dec 27, 2021

In today’s episode, Matt and Garrett are all about core values – a topic they have chosen since they have seen a lot of companies seemingly lacking them. They explain that core values could be something as simple as your belief system and, while many companies have core values, they may not be sharing them in a way that ensures the actual people of the company are hearing them. Our hosts insist that core values should be used as a guiding light in terms of how you interact with your agents or potential clients. 


They begin by discussing why it’s important to stick to your core values, why a lot of people and companies struggle with developing them, and a good way to start developing and defining these core values. Matt and Garrett also explain how core values can perform for you daily, especially if you walk in alignment with them, because when it comes down to hard decisions, those without them will choose money as the decision point versus service, resulting in agents who start to go for whoever will pay them the most. Matt recommends Delivering Happiness, a book by Tony Hsieh that explores the importance of core values, and the episode finishes up with inspiring stories about Zappos and Tim Ferriss – bringing to a close yet another Ninja Selling podcast of infinite value to all listeners.


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Episode Highlights:


  •   The lack of core values 
  •   The definition of core values could be something as simple as your belief system
  •   Why you should stick to your core values 
  •   How clear are the organization's core values being given to the actual people that are the agents of the company?
  •   Why do a lot of people and companies struggle with developing core values
  •   The core values of Cadillac
  •   A good way to start defining core values
  •   How core values can perform for you daily
  •   Walking in alignment with your core values
  •   Service versus Money 
  •   Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh




“The definition of core values could be something as simple as your belief system.”


“If you're a leader of a company, have these core values to make sure that you're using them as a guiding light, in terms of how you interact with your agents, with potential recruits, and your staff and everybody.”


“I think one thing you have to understand is that there is going to be a certain amount of dissonance that's going to happen between your conscious and you're nonconscious when you start exploring core values.”


“When it comes to me working as a business, my real core value is to help people achieve their goals and build the life of their dream.”


“We all have fears, but we do not let them stand in the way of our achievements for ourselves and others.”


“Consistency is showing up and doing the things that you say you're going to do for others.”


“You can use a core value as an analogy of the bumpers in the bowling alley. When you're steering, heading towards the gutter, and you have a choice to make, you can use your core value as a bumper to set you back on track.”


“If today is your last day on Earth, and everything that you've done, to create a legacy is gone, any teachings, writings, all those things, they're gone, and you have nothing left. However, you have a pen and paper with you. And you can write down three truths, three things that you know, to be true, that you want people to know, what would they be?”


“Understand that energy is contagious, and the energy that you put off is absorbed by others, and vice versa.”


“When I look at core values, it's a foundation that everything is built off of.”


 “You need core values so that when things like a global pandemic arrive, your core values help you keep your ship on the right path, and it helps you make the hard decisions.”


“Instead of just running, have a conversation with them, because you might find that the core values still are there.”


“The best way to explore core values is: one - through self-reflection, then second - through those open conversations with your current leadership, because they might surprise you. And you might surprise them, and you might be able to go down a wonderful path together.”



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