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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Apr 22, 2021

“Dear Lord, please give me one more real estate boom, and I promise that I will not blow it this time. Amen.” Many of you have said this without realizing it’s the official Realtor’s Prayer. But instead of waiting around for another boom in the marketplace, Matt and Garrett encourage us to recognize the opportunities that are right in front of us every day to optimize success. In today’s episode, they explain that there is always a boom if you know how to look for it. People will always fall in love, grow their families, switch careers, and go through other life changes that warrant the need to sell their homes. The Ninja Mindset helps you take advantage of these opportunities, rather than hoping for the marketplace to heat up again.

Matt and Garrett share how to create your own real estate boom by connecting with people over the phone, sending postcards, and conducting real estate reviews. Matt points out that even if your prayers are answered with a boom, you still need to take action to see results. Our hosts discuss the importance of commitment and consistency, speaking to clients and other agents frequently so that you’re always top of mind, and give examples of how you can set yourself apart. Your boom is here. You just need to get out there and make it happen, and Matt and Garrett are here to show you how.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Realtor’s Prayer and the idea that you need one more real estate boom to improve success
  • Instead, recognize and take advantage of every opportunity in front of you regardless of the market
  • There is always a boom if you know how to look for it
  • People are constantly going through life changes and the need to sell their homes will never go away
  • Market value versus emotional value of a home
  • For most people, there is a certain price that they will sell their home for, even if they are emotionally attached 
  • Real estate reviews, connecting with people on the phone, and sending postcards will help you create your own boom
  • Fishing analogy where people think there is only one way to garner success -- you need to be able to adapt and look for new solutions
  • Commitment and consistency
  • Frequently calling and interacting with people (every 30 days)



“Dear Lord, please give me one more real estate boom, and I promise that I will not blow it this time. Amen.”

“Many of you have said it out there without realizing that it is actually an official prayer.” 

“I have a feeling there is going to be a good amount of people that are going to realize after the fact what this marketplace is right now, and how they engaged it… and go, ‘Oh crap, give me another run.’”

“Let’s not get to that point where we’re reflecting on that… Also, recognize the opportunity that’s in front of you every single day no matter the market.”

“When you’re working with relationships, there’s always a boom. So if you’re sitting around and waiting for the next one, you’re really not taking advantage of the moment that you’re in right now.”

“Inventory is way down, but that doesn’t mean that  homes aren’t selling. And if homes are selling, that means there are homes for people to buy.”

“Buying and selling a home, if it’s not an investment property - even sometimes if it is, is an emotional decision. It’s emotional.”

“If you want an activity to take advantage of a real estate boom -- real estate reviews!”

“There’s always a boom. There’s always opportunity. People always need help.”

“Commit to showing up for your business… Commit to following through, to making that work in a comfortable Ninja Way.”

“You can embrace the people that you are frequent with right now and get into deeper relationships. Your active clients - you’re talking to them at least once a week. So those are great resources for you right there. Take advantage of this.”

“Your boom is here. God will give it to you if you take action… Get out there and make it happen.”



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