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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Sep 27, 2021

Today’s episode begins with a special “Pre-Listing Extravaganza” from Garrett, where he invites listeners to send in their physical pre-listing packets, as well as a description of how they present it, to be showcased and discussed on a future podcast. Next, Matt and Garrett jump into today’s topic - How and when to add people to your autoflow database. They discuss the difference between physical mailers and email content, when to use them, and they clarify that when you’re sending postcards, you’re offering high value information rather than simply asking for business. If you truly believe in the knowledge and expertise that you bring, don’t hold that back from the people who deserve to hear it. 

Our hosts talk about using mailers to create real estate conversations, rather than waiting for other people to initiate them. Postcards also have the potential for a 100% open rate, and if you’re not sending them, you leave the door open for other realtors to take your place. Matt explains how to effectively use email marketing, and Garrett outlines the importance of first asking for permission before sending out electronic newsletters. You’ll also hear a healthy debate about the “Unsubscribe” button, tips on how to invite people to your email list delicately, and how postcard campaigns have completely changed people’s businesses in Matt and Garrett’s coaching experiences.

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Episode Highlights

  • Garrett begins with his “Pre-Listing Extravaganza,” where he invites listeners to send in their physical pre-listing packets, as well as a description of how you present it
  • You can send it to: Garrett Frey, 3335 Placer Street, Ste 368, Redding, CA 96001
  • Matt sees a higher level of success among those who use physical pre-listing packets versus digital
  • Effective pre-listing packets require a great deal of time and effort
  • Next, they move on to today’s topic - How and when to add people to your autoflow database
  • Who to mail to versus who to email - it’s always different, and you need to be strategic
  • When you’re selling mailers, it’s high value information - you’re not simply asking for business
  • You can put people on your mailing list right away, and you can even add a personal note on their first postcard
  • Some agents feel concerned that sending postcard mailers to friends and family may put stress on the relationship, but this is not the case
  • Matt’s own example of using postcards
  • If you truly believe in the value and knowledge you’re bringing, don’t hold that back from people
  • It takes the average person six pieces of mail to realize they’ve been receiving content from you - they may think they’ve been receiving mail from you all along and are just now realizing it after you met
  • You can find mailing addresses by checking tax records
  • If you’re not sending information, this leaves the door open for another realtor to step into your place
  • Create real estate conversations by putting people on your mailing list
  • Postcards have the potential for a 100% open rate
  • If someone is a client of yours, or you have had a conversation with them about real estate, they can go on your email list
  • It’s important to ask for permission before sending out electronic newsletters
  • Make sure there is a place where people can sign up for your mailing list versus having to manually add them
  • You can also let people know you’re adding them to your email list, and they can unsubscribe at any time
  • Some people are more comfortable with email marketing than others, and it can definitely be very effective
  • You can send out one or two emails per year inviting people to join your mailing list, or put the offer in your email signature
  • Garrett has seen postcard campaigns completely change people’s businesses
  • Please send in your pre-listing packets before December



“One of the things that we hear about all the time is people come to us in coaching, and they reach out and they're like, I want to create a pre-listing packet, and I'm not sure what exactly to put into it. I'm not sure exactly what it should look like… They overthink it tremendously.”

“The pre-listing packet, as far as I'm concerned, is a defining piece for a lot of realtors out there.”

“If you want to participate, send me your pre-listing packet. Send me what you got, send me what you would send to a potential listing that you have out there. I don't want email versions, I'm looking for physical pre-listing packets.”

“If you send it to me, you need to be okay that we're going to, in some way, shape or form, showcase it on the podcast.”

“I see so many people get stuck on, How do I add people to autoflow? How do I get people from my database?

“I just want to be clear about that - When we talk about the mailers...we're sending high value pieces of information. It's not asking for business.”

“It doesn't stress the relationship if there's value there.”

“When people come into your world, put them on the mailing list. Let them get the value that you're receiving. If you truly believe in the content and the value that you're sending, that it does add value, then why would you hold that back from anybody?”

“If you're not sending information...somebody else will likely step into that place.”

“Here's the thing - that conversation would not have happened if my postcard was not showing up in his mailbox.”

“It's so much easier when you've delivered value to somebody, for them to come to you and ask a question, versus you sitting around, waiting for the opportunity to jump into a real estate conversation. Create the real estate conversations by getting these people on your mailing list.”

“The reason I love postcards is because it really has the potential of 100% open rate.”

“People look at their inboxes differently than their mailboxes.”

“If you have an email list, make sure there is a place where if people are researching you, they can find a way to sign up for that as well versus you having to manually add them.”

“Put it in your signature. Give people the opportunity to sign up in many places.”

“I've had so many people in my career of helping that they have come to me and said, My postcard campaign has changed my business.”



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