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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Oct 21, 2021

Every Ninja has a story, and today Matt and Garrett have the pleasure of hearing Jessica Babington’s, who was first introduced to Ninja in 2010. Jess shares how she was first introduced to Ninja Systems, why it resonated so deeply with her, and what has kept her on the Ninja path for so many years. She recalls a pivotal moment that changed the course of her real estate career, how she made the jump to becoming a solo agent, and expresses her appreciation to Garrett for helping her see a world of possibilities as she prepared to cross that threshold.


Jess shares her incredible insights on developing the right belief system, letting go of fear, and embracing the Ninja Systems. She talks about investing in yourself through coaching, shares her favorite Ninja Nine activities, and breaks down her philosophy to keep things simple. You’ll also hear Jess’s two key pieces of advice for transitioning to a new market, how she builds genuine relationships in real estate, and the powerful way that living debt-free has shifted her motivation as an agent.


Jess’s inspiring journey shows us just how much you can accomplish in this business once you shed the “sales” jargon and let your passion for helping people guide the way. Her dedication to her community and to her clients leave little doubt that the Ninja Systems can not only make you a better agent, but a better human overall.


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Episode Highlights

  • Today’s guest is Jessica Babington of Luxury Lake Real Estate in Mooresville, NC
  • Her introduction to Ninja and what kept her on the Ninja path
  • Jess’s experience coaching with Garrett
  • Pivotal moment that changed her career
  • Growth and crossing over thresholds
  • Developing the right belief system
  • Getting rid of “Sales” jargon
  • Positive affirmations and letting go of fear
  • Power of meditation
  • Investing in yourself via coaching
  • Analogy of pushing a snowball uphill, which grows and takes off once you get to the top
  • Her favorite (and least favorite) Ninja Nine activities
  • Simple marketing and genuine relationships
  • Transition to luxury market
  • Pre-listing interview and being prepared
  • Building her business through referrals
  • Being motivated by giving back to the community
  • Getting involved with a cause that you’re passionate about will keep you fired up and help you build a better business
  • Knowing your “why” and accepting that it can “shift” throughout your life
  • Finding success through the pandemic
  • Providing value to clients by helping them navigate potentially difficult situations
  • Getting clear on your mindset and what you have to offer



“There are no no accidents in my mind and in the journey that life takes you on.”


“There are many ways to find success in our industry and you have to find what really rings true for you.”


“[Ninja] just really goes to the core of who I am, which is somebody who wants to genuinely know people, genuinely build relationships with people, and genuinely help them get to where their goals are in real estate.”


“You really helped me expand my mindset and work on some self-talk and some self-belief, that I was capable of a whole heck of a lot more than I knew I was.”


“That's the other thing about Ninja that's so beautiful is it also helps you just be a better human.”


“I'm not a salesperson. I'm just somebody that helps people and is an advocate for people. I bring people together in real estate transactions.”


“By doing the affirmation, I was more in the driver's seat and had more control than I thought.”


“There was definitely a time of transition and I had to just continue to work the Systems and know that the Systems are going to work.”


“The first step was to become the subject matter expert. If I'm confident in my knowledge of the market then that helps me tremendously.”


“We talked about pre-listing interviews and making sure you understand what these people are looking for before you walk in the door.”


“If you've done that pre-listing interview and you've collected as much data about who these people are, and what they're looking for, when you go into the door, you will be much less intimidated and then you have a higher likelihood of being successful.”


“You don't ever want the commission breath.”


“Just start to look at, Where's the greatest need in my community, and how can I fit into that?


“You have to be open and want to grow, and want to be motivated by a Ninja coach.”




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