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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Dec 25, 2023

It’s Christmas Day and in this festive episode of the Ninja Selling podcast, Matt and Garrett explore the art of celebrating others in both personal and professional spheres. They underline the importance of taking the time to show appreciation and make people feel cherished, transcending the conventional holiday season. Advocating for a celebratory mindset, our hosts urge listeners to seize each interaction as a chance to honor and uplift others, and delve into the profound impact of bestowing the gifts of time and energy upon individuals, emphasizing the transformative potential of these gestures in building meaningful relationships.

As the episode unfolds, our hosts explore the seamless integration of this celebratory mindset into various aspects of real estate business, particularly the reimagining of real estate reviews as "annual home celebrations." By redirecting the focus from mere numbers to gratitude and celebration, real estate professionals can cultivate stronger client connections and elevate the overall client journey. In this season traditionally associated with goodwill toward others, discover the joy of infusing every encounter with the gift of time and energy, and of revolutionizing client relationships through the art of celebration.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Fostering a celebratory mindset in daily interactions

  • Bestow the gift of time and energy to create a sense of significance in others

  • Infusing celebration into your real estate business tactics

  • Reimagining real estate reviews as "annual home celebrations"

  • Redirecting the focus from numbers to gratitude and celebration within business

  • Cultivating opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate individuals on a daily basis

  • Embracing the profound value of time and energy as meaningful gifts in relationships

  • Highlighting the concept of celebrating homeownership within real estate reviews



"Imagine if you have this prompt in your business every week of, “Who can I celebrate? What can I celebrate with other people?”"

"We all feel good when we celebrate things, so why not try to find ways to do that every single day?"

"You are gifting us a whole lot of time when… and we really do appreciate it."

"Each interaction becomes an opportunity to celebrate others."

"By shifting the focus from numbers to gratitude and celebration, real estate professionals can foster stronger client relationships."



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