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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Nov 19, 2020

Through the uniqueness of 2020, a lot of creative ideas have been generated to enhance or replace the events that are just no longer possible for us all to run for our people. Matt and Garrett have been keeping their eyes out for some of the most creative, and today they share some that will help you strengthen your relationships not just for 2020 or the holiday season, but for absolutely any time of year.


Throughout the episode, our hosts run through a list of these great ideas and offer valuable suggestions about how you can implement them both now and in the future. Emphasizing that the overall goal is to create some fun energy and environments for your people, they demonstrate just how these ideas can help you build those strong relationships that will not only enrich the lives of all involved, but also allow transactions to ‘just fall out of the sky’ for you. We all agree that 2020 has brought some significant changes to our world – let Matt and Garrett show you how to make these changes work for you and your business.


Episode Highlights:


  •   Pumpkin carving and coloring contests
  •   Calling each person to explain why you’re not having your event this year
  •   Reviewing the value of your annual events
  •   Scavenger hunts
  •   Polaroid wars
  •   Celebrating your brand and other clients’ brands
  •   Adjusting traditional events such as Pie Parties
  •   Matterport Open House Scavenger Hunts
  •   Creating fun energy and environments for your people




“If you’re doing the pumpkin, you get the pop-by, and you get the interaction, and it can potentially replace an in-person event.”


“The lowest cost event she’s ever done…she could pretty much link it back…to two new pieces of business.”


“The interaction that I had with my people was priceless.”


“The big picture here is we’re looking for human interaction.”


“You as the organizer of it, you’re going to get a lot of communication, you’re going to create an experience for these people.”


“Everybody’s going to get a better understanding of what that area that you live in is.”


“The more touch points you can get, the more frequency you can build during this time, it’s going to be easier to keep a level of frequency going as you get through holiday season.”


“Have some fun with it.”


“The purpose is to just build relationships, build some fun.”


“Transactions just fall out of the sky when the relationships and the connection is correct.”


“Relationship strengthening is better than any time I’ve seen because people are craving it.”



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