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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Sep 17, 2020

Matt and Garrett are both extremely excited to welcome a very special guest to the podcast today. Stacey Brown Randall is the author of Generating Business Referrals Without Asking, a fantastic book that Larry Kendall actually recommended to our hosts, and which they have then gone on to recommend to others with whom they work. In addition to writing her award winning book, Stacey runs programs that provide road maps to help people take control of their business, hosts her own podcast, ‘Roadmap to Grow Your Business’, and is a three-time entrepreneur.


Stacey begins by clarifying just what exactly a referral is, what it isn’t, and what people often confuse it with. She and our hosts then explore the importance of the human factor, of being authentic, and of really caring for the people you are helping. Stacey then shares the first of her ‘aha’ moments, and together they discuss the curious history of asking for referrals, the many forms this takes, Stacey’s ‘secret sauce’, and they review  the first step to follow in her process. The conversation wraps up with suggestions for answering the number one question every real estate agent is asked, and Stacey shares her sage advice for listeners. Throughout this dynamic and informative episode, you will undoubtedly note the similarities between the Ninja System and Stacey’s process, and come to fully understand the power they both hold, not only in helping improve your business, but in improving the very lives of all involved.


Episode Highlights:


  •   The reasons why people want referrals
  •   The two key parts that a referral always has
  •   The confusion some people have around the definition of a referral
  •   The importance of the human factor and being authentic
  •   Stacey’s first ‘aha’ moment
  •   The history of asking for referrals in all its many forms
  •   Stacey’s ‘secret sauce’
  •   How to get started in receiving referrals without asking
  •   Responding to ‘How’s the market?’
  •   Stacey’s advice for listeners




“Everything about a referred prospect is usually easier with the closing process and getting them to say ‘Yes’ to becoming a client.”


“The referral source is a human being, not a system, not a program, not your flyers going out there. That stuff is marketing.”


“If you have the willingness to care for the other person, that is ultimately why somebody is going to feel connected to you…but here’s the thing, it’s got to be real.”


“We’re going to release the expectation of the outcome in the beginning, and we’re going to truly focus on doing the right work, which is taking care of those people, and then it will come.”


“You just shouldn’t have to ask.”


“The language piece is kind of what makes it all work.”


“You’re going to care about people who make your business easier, and they help you grow your business. Like, what could be more simple than that?”


“The conversation I want to have with you 3 years from now or 5 years from now, is how much better your life is.”


“Of all the steps, the first step is the least sexy. It’s the most work.”


“If you are dead inside, do not apply.”


“People make referrals when they know they’re going to look good at the end.”


“You’re also answering it in a way that allows you to plant a referral seed.”


“It’s just like I needed that tiny little reminder that I really do good work, and that people really do trust me, and that I really matter.”


“The longer you do it, the better you grow these relationships, the stronger your connections get, it’s an exponential growth. It gets better and better and better every year…it’s where miracles happen.”




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