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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Jul 25, 2022

One clear thing differentiates a successful agent from a struggling one and that is their mindset. Today, Matt and Garrett discuss the need to build a get-to mindset to be successful in business. They break down the disadvantages of possessing a have-to mentality and how to combat this by creating a habit of gratitude.

Our hosts explain how realtors can navigate the current marketplace by building a get-to attitude, and how, when you have this kind of mentality, you appreciate your work more and find pleasure in it. A have-to attitude, however, places you in a scarcity mindset and blocks creative thinking. If you are looking to build up a gratitude mindset and stay ahead in the marketplace, then this episode is definitely for you.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Taking advantage of the get-to time in the marketplace
  • Why a get-to mentality is always better than have-to
  • How to build the get-to mindset
  • Having a gratitude mindset
  • The Matt System


We have opportunities as coaches where we can see potential pitfalls, we can see potential opportunities, changes, and dynamics that are going on in marketplaces and people's businesses. And often as coaches, we're playing damage control.”

Have-to’s only work when you're not willing to accept the consequences.”

When we start to say “ I have to”, we're allowing others to control our time and attention. And so when you're living in this have-to sense, you lose control of your time.”

Gratitude is one of the best ways to see opportunity.”

You need to decide why it's so important in your world. Understanding why you have gratitude towards that system, towards that thing is way more powerful.”

When you're in have-to, rational thought and creative thinking goes out the window.”

Right now, we have an opportunity to fully embrace a hot and warm list. It's a total get-to right now. I get to listen to people, I get to find out what's going on with life changes in their world, I get to see if I can help them increase pleasure, decrease pain in their life, I get to see if I can help them to that next stage.”


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