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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Nov 23, 2020

Today, on this 200th episode of the podcast, Matt and Garrett take a look at the topic of change. Throughout each person’s life, change is going to happen – as 2020 has clearly demonstrated - and listening for signs of these changes when reaching out to your people can provide you with a unique opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them.

During the episode, our hosts examine the importance of listening skills, asking questions, learning about how best to communicate with each of your clients, and, above all, making your conversations all about them. Garrett provides an enlightening example of the dichotomy of change, and together he and Matt explore the notion of the ‘carousel in our life’, talking about dreams, pain and pleasure levels, and, of course, listening for change. They conclude by reminding everyone that you can search their website for topics from previous episodes that you’re interested in – there’s a lot of quality information and advice to be found in these 200 episodes! If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that change is inevitable. What today’s episode teaches everyone is how you can deepen your connection with others by being there for them in these important times and beyond.


Episode Highlights:


  •   Listening skills and asking questions
  •   Garrett’s example of the dichotomy of change
  •   The many changes people are going through these days
  •   Learning how best to communicate with each client
  •   Carousels in our life
  •   Talking about dreams
  •   Listening for change
  •   Pain and pleasure levels
  •   Searching for topics on previous episodes




“Everything’s great. How about you?”


“Don’t make this about you.”


“Your stock in that relationship goes way up because you’re providing value by simply listening.”


“Do I truly understand what people are going through in my sphere of influence?”


“You’re going to get golden information.”


“You have to disconnect yourself from that becoming a transaction.”


“It’s not the person right in front of us, it’s all the people that are just beyond them. That’s where miracles happen.”


“All of a sudden the dreams come out.”


“Where do you recreate?”


“Dream questions are so, so powerful.”


“Listen for these moments where you can...go to that deeper level with people.”


“If you’re really listening for this change, that warm list is going to start to populate pretty quickly.”



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