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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Dec 28, 2023

Welcome back to the Ninja Selling podcast, where, today, Garrett and Matt are diving into the undeniable potential of incremental improvements in your real estate business. Acknowledging that, in the dynamic realm of real estate it's natural to aspire to monumental breakthroughs, they also note that it's the steady accumulation of minor enhancements in your daily routines, client interactions, and operational systems that holds the key to substantial growth. Together, our hosts underscore how these minor adjustments can yield remarkable results, from refining your email communication practices to fortifying client relationships and expanding your sphere of influence. 

In your pursuit of taking your real estate business to new heights, this episode serves as an indispensable resource, as Garrett and Matt's insights reveal that the compounding power of slight modifications is a catalyst for exponential growth. The secret, as they highlight, is not in perpetually reinventing your methods but in meticulously fine-tuning your existing processes. Additionally, they emphasize the indispensable role of intention and mindset in adopting and sustaining these minor adjustments. Listen in today as our hosts provide a blueprint for moving your business from one level to the next with increasing ease through the profound impact of consistent, incremental refinements.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Achieving exponential growth

  • The powerful impact of daily habits

  • Strategic system refinement

  • The mindset advantage

  • Compound success with incremental improvements

  • Efficient systems over constant redesign



"The difference of hot water to boiling water is one simple degree. And that one simple degree, that one little change, that rise in temperature, can now power a locomotive with that one extra degree temperature difference."

"In the world of real estate, it's easy to get caught up in the pursuit of big breakthroughs, but the truth is that compounding small improvements in your daily habits and systems can lead to significant growth and results.”

"It's those little improvements constantly that all of a sudden give you these incredible results on the other end."

"You'll typically find that the difference between the people at the very top and the ones at the bottom - it's minute things."

"It is literally about just continuing to fine-tune a lot of these systems that you have. So a lot of the same time, same energy is being put out. They're just more effective uses of time and energy."



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