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The Ninja Selling Podcast

Dec 29, 2023

Welcome to another captivating episode of the Ninja Coaching Spotlight, where the spotlight is firmly fixed on the remarkable journey of Alice Toy, an accomplished realtor hailing from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Joined by her steadfast coach, Jen Gamez, this episode delves deep into Alice's odyssey that commenced with her introduction to the Ninja Selling system in 2020, to 2023 where Alice now stands as a shining example of a flourishing real estate professional in a new market. Her voyage, from her military background to her current triumph, will undoubtedly resonate with numerous listeners navigating their own real estate careers, offering inspiration and valuable insights.

The episode unravels an array of topics, including strategies for forging a triumphant career in real estate, and Alice's evolution from a novice to a confident realtor is spotlighted, underscoring the invaluable contributions of her coach, Jen, in shaping her professional journey. The narrative underscores the significance of choosing a coach capable of providing guidance not only in the realm of business but also facilitating personal growth and maintaining a harmonious balance between one's professional and personal spheres. For a deep dive into the realms of real estate success, confidence-building, and the profound impact of coaching on personal and professional development, this episode is an absolute must-listen.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Alice's transformation into a successful realtor

  • Her relocation to a new market and the challenges she faced

  • The guidance and support Jen provided

  • Prioritizing family and personal well-being

  • Building genuine relationships through community involvement and connections

  • Transitioning away from Zillow for better work-life balance and alignment with values

  • The Ninja Selling system and the impact of authentic client relationships

  • Building a successful real estate career without personal listings

  • Growth, adaptability, confidence, and the pivotal role of a coach in personal and professional development



"The real estate will come with the amazing relationships that you build."

"Her success is a testament to the power of the Ninja Selling system and the impact of building authentic relationships with clients."

“She just genuinely grew her business as a result of just being who she was and not trying to be something she wasn't.”

"I've always naturally been able to step into things and just go for it and have the personality to be able to just roll with it.”



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