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The Ninja Selling Podcast

May 21, 2020

If there is one aspect of real estate that is clearly playing out in real time these days, it is that of control – control of your time, control of your business, and especially, control of your process. In light of this fact, Matt and Garrett’s topic today is all about the importance of ‘pulling in the reins’ and taking advantage of the environment in which the world finds itself at the moment to focus in on your process in helping buyers find the property that is just right for them.


Our hosts dive right in by discussing the importance of knowing your process, controlling that process (complete with an enlightening ‘stagecoach ride’ through Garrett’s mind), and asking the right questions to ensure that this process will result in success for both the buyer and yourself. They also explore the Ninja Selling tools which can help you establish and implement your process, and they stress the value in addressing the buyer’s fears and adjusting your processes to help alleviate them, particularly as the circumstances surrounding the current pandemic evolve now and in the future. People love a process, particularly during times of uncertainty, and today’s episode is full of information and advice to help ensure that you take this opportunity to firmly establish yours, and that you maintain control of it so that it will prove highly beneficial to both you and your clients moving forward, no matter what your business.


Episode Highlights:


  • Pulling in the reins/controlling the process
  • Knowing your boundaries and your processes
  • Regaining control and asking the right questions
  • Using Ninja Selling tools
  • Addressing buyers’ greatest fears and adjusting processes accordingly
  • The opportunity available now to create the best process for you and your clients




“The highest dollars per hour I think we’re ever going to see right now from people’s businesses – that’s what I’m watching if you pull in the reins.”


“No matter what business you’re in, get control of a process because that’s going to help you move people through your service or your product, or whatever it is.”


“You need to get control. You need to tell these people what the process is.”


“Own what you’re creating right now and make this your new process of how you work with people.”


“You have so much more control when you have a relationship-built business.”


“Use this as an opportunity right now to build your processes, get control of your game, and let’s go forward.”


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